Induced Love

We see different shades of love in our life. Some are true love and some are fake. While some are love forever, where as few are temporary love. Today I want to talk about a specific shade of love or rather most prevalent observed flavor –Induced Love.

Now before you start wondering what is it let me explain what the term induced means. Merriam dictionary says “to cause (something) to happen or exist“. Here our something is love. So basically Induced Love is to cause love to happen or exist. Well it might seem strange how can one cause love to happen, because they say love just happens you cannot make it happen.

Yeah, it might be kind of true for any one of the two persons to be in love. So for the first person to be in love, one cannot make it happen. Love just happens with someone it has to happen. You can’t self induce for it to happen. Depending on your choice list and your interests plus your genetic prints, you might fall in love with one person. That’s how the quote goes. You just fall in love, you can’t make it happen. Cool. First step clear. But then what is this induced love all about.

Well you had your choice list and luckily you fell in love with someone. Now here comes the fun part. Either that person can ‘fall’ in love with you, may be neutral with you or you just don’t exist for that person yet. If you are lucky and the other person also falls in love with you naturally, what’s better you are of the kind the world dreams of. You are one of the example for ‘Marriages are made in heaven‘. Love is a wonderful phenomenon and you are the proof. But but but if that is not the case and if you don’t exist for that person without any further scope then you may be suffering with limerence. Doesn’t hurt much and one of the sweetest form of love. You enjoy the sweetness and suffer from diabetic love may be πŸ˜‰

Now if neither of this happened, then my friend you will step into the land of induced love. Here you are a person in love with someone who is not yet in love but you see prospects. So you work hard towards building strong connection with the other person, align your interests, habits and likes inline with your prospect beloved. Gradually you enter into the world of your friend. You try out many ways to make the other person feel special. Slowly both of you get to know each other, start liking each other, share thoughts with each other and may be hangout together. A point will come when you will ‘propose’ your love to the person who has been in the induced state of love and eventually accept your love. This my friend is ‘Induced Love’.


Bollywood movies and Indian Authored novels have done enough on their part to spread this concept of Induced Love and various forms of Induction. This has been one of the prevalent form of love since ages. However since the dawn of social media things have changed rapidly and this form of love has seen a rapid growth in numbers and variety as well. It has reached every corner of the world alongside giving rise to in-numerous ways of generating Induced love.

So whichever form of love it may be, if both of them are happy ( truly happy ), then the flavor of love doesn’t matter much what matters is you are tasting one or the other form of LOVE.

Keep Loving πŸ˜‰

30 thoughts on “Induced Love

    1. Nice questions. Just so I am clear, I am not proposing any weight to Induced Love. I have just narrated one of the many possible ways of Love.

      Q- if it can be induced with anyone u set your heart on?
      No, it not is that easy. If you know the solenoid concept and if you see the image, you can see, that the scope of interaction, the changes in you and the impact that it has on the beloved is a matter of variable. Those all need to fall along. Also the distance between solenoid and the beloved, if it is far, then the intensity has to be very strong to reach the beloved. Again, it follows some step. Beloved has to be iron or magnetic in nature, else this won’t work πŸ˜€ that is he/she must have some reflection after the initial contact.

      – Is it even real ?
      Love is a abstract thought (emotion) in itself. Relationship arising out of the Love, that is physical entity.
      So whatever form of love, it is love.
      What they make of Induced Love, will determine if it is real or not !

      Q- then can u do it over n over again??
      A – over and over again to the same person ? Yes.
      To different person ? – Yes, if it meets the first Q answer. Then yes, if the beloved has magnetic properties, there is scope of interaction, changes in you and the intensity of current passing through. In short YES !

      Bottom Line

      Humans crave for LOVE !

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      1. Well that was quite an explanation! But i get what you mean… Just still seems so made up to me. Kind of like demeaning the whole saga of the soul mate but yes like u said love is love in any form so i guess its ok, as long as your state of mind agrees with it… And thanku for clarifying u werent promoting it😜
        P.S. U dont seem the type to be.


      2. Alright. I don’t think. I just ask. After I get a response, my thinking starts.

        You won’t get any big believer of Soul Mate then myself, my belief is strong enough to transcend universe and reach her out there. But again, that is just something I don’t want to unleash yet.

        There isn’t anything like fake love.

        Either it is love or it is not ! Right ?

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  1. Wow Bhanu. . Lovely post. Great thoughts. Particularly that image is an eye-catcher. Impressed with your frequency of posting. Induce that technique in me man! Haha. . Loved this line,
    ‘the flavor of love doesn’t matter much what matters is you are tasting one or the other form of LOVE.’
    True that. πŸ™‚ Have a good time bro. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, that is a trademark image.
      I like to design my thoughts into technicalities and many times my imaginations gives rise to wonderful pictures. This was created by me.

      I hope it helps to understand how it works.

      Yes, Love is beautiful, even if bitter sometimes πŸ˜›

      Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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      1. Wow that’s a great work bro. Image says it all what your thoughts want to speak. And love the technical elements you added to it. Love is beautiful because it has many tastes. . πŸ˜‰

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    2. It is a come back, after 6 months. Darshith was waiting around for me to make a come back and now when I am here, he seems to be occupied.

      But as long as I can pen down my thoughts, they will stay here forever πŸ™‚

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      1. Haha. . Really? Welcome! I also had a six months break last year. It is good to take break sometimes. It helps us in coming back with a purpose. Your posts are insightful and lovely. πŸ™‚ And true as our thoughts flow always, penning them down is the technique. Have a good time. I will check out that video you sent the link of. πŸ™‚

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  2. Your perception of love is well perceived and hence, well appreciated! So far, so good. But, what is love?
    In the modern context, all love is subjective and selective if not outright selfish. All shades of love are ‘matlabi’ which is a Hindustani expression to mean selfish or self-centered. To love means to yearn for something. Of course, there is selfless love as in the case of mother’s love towards her child and God’s love towards His children. All said and done, the emotion or feeling of love is divine, God’s gift to humanity and if not for ‘love’, human race on this earth would have got obliterated long ago.

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  3. soumen rana makes a valid point in that if you “change yourself” by aligning yourself with the desired “other”, then you have to maintain those changes if you want the love to last. This creates some serious concerns. 1. You are not presenting your true self which is deceptive and dishonest. 2. You are encouraging a relationship under false pretenses. 3. The “other” will find out eventually… and then what?
    If “induced love” is making changes so that the other person will love you, then I would suggest that it shows a total lack of respect for relationships, and a total misunderstanding of love. Just some thoughts! πŸ™‚

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  4. Well written. It’s called winning ur love by working hard πŸ˜›
    The problem is dat one who gets love by inducing it needs to compromise all life or be ready to hear “u have changed”

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