Single Point Of Failure – Happiness

“Do not invest your happiness in a single person or activity.”

What is SPOF ? Single point of failure is when you have an entity whose existence is dependent on only one object. Take an example of Power Supply. All electronic items which depend only on Power Supply, have SPOF. So when there is no Power Supply, that gadget wouldn’t work. So we introduced the concept of batteries and thanks to the invention, I am able to post this blog via a Laptop, having battery 😉

So this concept is very widely observed in IT and Electrical Industry. Every component in Data Center (IT) has a redundant node like servers, power switches, network switches, storage, power lines, network cards and so on. Similarly in Power Systems, they have multiple nodes for transformers, cables, switches, gears, UPS and so on. This redundancy is to ensure continuous supply so that there is no fluctuation at the end usage.

Similarly happiness is a part of our life driven by internal and external sources. If you are a saint, nun or pundit, then this post is not applicable to you, however if you are not one, then you may proceed. We depend on various things for our happiness. Some get happiness by doing their favorite habits. Some get happiness by helping others while others get happiness by accomplishing some targets. Happiness is an essential component of our life, when we fall short of happiness every thing in our life seems to be pale and tasteless. We cannot do some of the simplest things. Everything seems to be falling out of space. It is like the power supply, without it we stop working (not literally but yes almost we exist without being our self).

Now sometimes it happens that our source of happiness is externally driven. If it happens and you depend on some person for your happiness and if that person is the only person in your life who creates happiness, then you are a having a SPOF. If that is the case and by some reason you are not able to reach that person or if that person doesn’t happen to be in your life anymore, then you are in the trouble of losing your happiness for some time, may be for long, depending on the attachment you had. You might fall into a depression cycle and it might become too hard for you to come out of it.

So we can do the following in our life for continuous Happiness. We can have a mix of sources, internally and externally driven, for our happiness. Do some activity of your own which gives you happiness and follow it religiously. Have some great friends who are at equal importance for you, not more not less. At every point of your life, these friends will be the one, who will stand back and help you move forward.

Do not have a Single Point of Failure in your life!

11 thoughts on “Single Point Of Failure – Happiness

  1. Wow Bhanu. Very well connected the term SPOF with our real life. Well written. Loved the way you described it. I also have seen many people who keep their entire love in single person. And when that person shows their back, they became devoid of love. Friends play a pivotal role when it comes to sharing and depositing our love. Because they never fluctuate and are always ready to listen to our ramblings. Good evening bro. 🙂

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  2. What a point with an apt example. So true, We must not invest our happiness in a single person or activity. I was a victim of this, so can relate to it very well… Thank you so much for showing me the light.

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