Drop to Wave

I was a droplet of water, falling from the sky, into this vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom.

As I touched the surface of the ocean, I created a ripple, travelling out to spread my share.

I travel slowly and steadily, meeting other ripples along the way, merging with some and reflecting others.

With every connection, I rise high and strong, continuing my journey towards the shore.

As I reach half way, I have gain so much power, that I form a wave. Every other ripple resonates my thoughts and travels with me.

When I reach closer to the shore, I am a gigantic wave, scaring of the humanity with the tremendous sound and rush.

But humans, were to be underestimated they took a plank of wood and traveled right across me.

They played a sport and loved me for my power.

I was a drop traveled as a ripple and ended as a wave.



In response to The Daily Post – Drop