Theory of Infusion – 2

After the striking correlation in the way how human behavior and nature change with the events happening in our life – posted in ‘Theory of Infusion‘, let us see a very casual way of infusion playing its part.

You had a nice sound sleep. When you wake up in the morning your roommate says it is going to rain today. You keep thinking about it all the time that it might rain. When you are on your way towards your office, it rains heavily and your are drenched from top to bottom. This happened because you were constantly thinking about it in your mind. Well well well! That sounds a bit stupid isn’t it. There is no control on rain by anybody, at the least anybody’s thoughts.

Okay! Let’s ignore the event. You are working away from home and you stay with your friends. You are a very easy going person and you have enjoyed freedom in your life. You didn’t have any big troubles and no hustle with any relationship, because you never bothered. Your family is now searching a partner for you.

Your roommate who is already engaged since few months, keeps talking to her fiancé for hours together and every single event during the day is repeated. When your eyes meet her, she says same thing will happen to you. You start wondering about it. You keep thinking nervously about how you might loose your freedom. How you will have to answer for every little thing you do and how you cannot take any decision anymore without consulting your partner and his family.

Time moves on. The thoughts keep replaying in your head. You get engaged. When you get a call from him, you feel pissed off at the questions he asks. You cannot hold yourself. You get irritated and you end in fight or sadness during calls.

Now the interesting thing is neither your fiancé has asked anything that should make you upset nor they have imposed any kind of restriction. All they are asking to you is to show their care and love for you. But you had the thoughts replayed in your head numerous time. You had reached the threshold inside your head, whereas in reality it might have happened less often. Your reaction to the reality is totally indecipherable.

What happens next is on what you do about it. Trailing back to where it went wrong, we find that one day your friend infused you with thoughts. You compared your life to that persons. You did not wanted that situation to happen in your life. And believe me it wouldn’t have happen, if you just deleted that thought process on the first day itself and believed in yourself.

It is a choice, we have to make how people and things effect us from the surrounding we live in. Hope you will be wise in the choices you make.

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