How to kill bitterness in someone

If you had a very very close friend and you were like BFF ( Best Friend Forever ) and you happen to lose that friend in the course of time and priorities, you must read this once 😉

Why does it happen that the people we often like ( love) the most, we end up disliking ( hating ) them the most. How can it happen that for so many years, you stay with a person, you understand that person and you cannot imagine a day without that person in your life and suddenly one day due to an incident, you end up fighting with that person and so much bitterness is introduced into both of your life that you never want to see that person again, talk to that person and never meet that person. You want to erase that person from you life. Why does it happen, I do not think you want to know the science behind that 😛 ( that’s for some other post ). What we are primarily focused on is how to fix this. How to kill the bitterness in someone. How to reunite.

You see, this is no rocket science, a lot of times, we fix it. People patch up more than often and things go wrong and right every time. But then you do see a lot of people who cannot fix this. And I am sure it is not because they do not want to or they do not know how to. It is because they like or love that person so so much that they cannot get their head clear on the incident. They cannot walk past that one incident, to discuss and fix the issue. Sometimes it is the ego problems, sometimes it is helplessness. But a lot of times it is this bitterness, it is the disappointment in the fellow-mate.

So how do you fix it ?

  • First things first – Just keep that incident in your bag please ? Good.
  • Keep that series of fights and arguments in another bag ? Good.
  • Forget those incidents and fights for sometime and now how does it feel ? Relaxing. Good.
  • Think about the first day you met that person. What made you both get along so well. What are the 5 good things about that person ? Getting the drift, you suddenly feel so good about that person don’t you ? Nice. Keep thinking and let that drift create a very big wave, so it washes of some of the bitterness.
  • Till now, Nice and easy right. When was the moment you felt you can do anything for that person. When did you realize or feel you want to give a place to that person in your life forever. Keep that intact. Hard and rock solid.
  • Now wash out all the bad things you know about that person. Forget what all silly and irritating things that person has done. What is your true opinion. If you had to tell me about that person, keep that incident in your bag, what would you tell me. Why would you suggest me to be friends with him/her. Nice. You see your friend is not so bad. If you want you can note down all this points about your friend in a notepad. For your reference only 😉
  • I think most of the bitterness would be gone. If you can ignore that incident here on and if you can be friends/love with that person, then so be good. Issue solved. But if that incident has created a big void or impact in your life or that person’s life and if you cannot forgive or forget that easily, well that’s what you are here for !
  • Big void ! A dark deep mark ! Enormous pain ! You should meet a doctor 😛

For the sake of the blog size, I have to split it into two parts. Keep waiting for the second part how you deal and talk to this person. How you get along well, aaaagain !

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13 thoughts on “How to kill bitterness in someone

  1. I like the suggestions you put in this post. But I wonder how many truly implement them ‘coz people just want to make their life complicated! But I appreciate your efforts.. It was worth reading.

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    1. Sure, yes people do make their life complicated and when some day somebody wants to ease out and find a way to make life simpler – when they type this in google search, they will land to my page and if it helps even a single person, in the time of need and if that person is able to successfully execute it, it worth me blogging and I have achieved my reward, means more than anything 🙂

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  2. Lovely post.
    It’s good to be reminded to look for the good in our close friends, especially after an argument. But sometimes trust is broken beyond repair, no matter the relationship.

    I am looking forward to part two 🙂

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