Origin of Reservations !

Let me start by asking you a question, will you vote for a Hijra in the candidate for PM elections ? Just give it a thought and see what you get. Now whatever you had in your head which came up due to your upbringing, neighborhood, location, religious beliefs, ethical beliefs etc, is the realm of equality and non-equality, that lies in the basic instinct of your thinking. This post is primarily applicable to India, where I come from. We have a mountain of issues related to Reservations and Equality. I might take it to a extreme case, but that necessarily not mean the situation is doomed, it is just for the purpose of explanation and giving a clear picture.

So why do we need Reservations ? The answer to it lies in the thought of how did originally the reservations came up. I am taking up the case of Disabled vs Able person. The point of reservation comes up when we have two unequal things. Unequal here not necessarily mean the physical, mental, psychological, financial or any quantifiable entities. Unequal here just means both are not same. Both are not the one thing. So a Man and Woman are not same. A rich and poor is not same. So two nearly different thing, when have to be compared, gives rise to the equality and non-equality thought.

Comparing what a disabled person can do and cannot do in a normal given condition, say at the age of 15 years. Disabled person cannot walk or may be cannot see. So if he cannot see, then how do we expect him to paint ? Something that can be done by a person with vision, given he gets the training and has some interest, becomes a totally challenging job for a person without vision. For a person without vision, cannot cross the road easily, he cannot see what is happening around him, he doesn’t know what are the colors in world. He doesn’t know anything that a person with vision knows.

Now there is a bus. A person wants to go from one place to other. If he is blind vs he is not blind. What do you think, a blind person needs some help to get into bus ? If yes, does he needs a seat allocated for him to sit ? If yes, does he need someone to help him get down when the destination has reached ? If yes, are we allocating some sort of extra care for that person. This is where the basic thought of unequal things being compared comes up.

It surely is a subjective topic, to what extent the comfort be provided to the disabled person and to what extent the options be provided freely. We sympathy the disabled and hence help them. We can see, hence we reflect. Now there are a lot of things we can’t see and possibly we don’t reflect because of that. Categorizing the person as a who needs ‘help’ because of certain things he is lacking, is the origin of reservations.

The original thought of reservations came up to comfort, one of the two unequal things, one which was consider to be lacking some of the resources/skills/qualities or lacking something in compared to the other person. Now do we apply reservations in all unequal things, to what extent do we need reservations and in which contexts is a matter of probing. I will let you dwell into the thoughts of your own and see what reflections you have now for all the people/things you see in life.

13 thoughts on “Origin of Reservations !

  1. Well its really not easy to uproot something like this which has been a part of our society since a long time. Infact its real nature of human if they get something, they always wanted more and more. People who are getting the benefits of being reserved will never let uproot this.

    But what i wanted is reservation policy should never be done on caste basis. If economic condition is tha basis they it may work upto a good extent.

    Reservation has its bad impact to its hightest extent. I heard students saying after the IIT entrance results better it would be if we were reserved too. This policy has led several student to death..yes i knew few of them who had commited suicide. Government must should not forget that if they are giving benefit to one of the class in a society then they can affect the other class in such a way.

    Government should think again again on criteria of reservations. Its high time to implement a new law. Law should be enforcing deserved criteria rather than reserved criteria

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    1. So there are two terms that you use –

      Deserved criteria ?
      How do one identify a deserving candidate ?

      2. Economic conditions –
      What should be the benchmark for determining if one must be provided help and are you saying if someone’s economic condition is not well, they should be given reservation ? Or they should be only given monetary support ?
      – Also how do they determine who is economically unwell – benchmark would be ?

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      1. Just some example to show how economic criteria can be judged.
        Bdw in our country some ministers has bpl cards too. So it cant be judged completely, but can ne tried.
        Like you heard for gas subsidy. PM requested people to live the subsidy if they can afford its actual price and his words worked too. Not 100% but it worked. But lets assume if 20% of people has left the subsidy then we can sya their economic condition is better than other. I am also sure that rest 80% muts not be such poor that they cant leave that. But its upto them only

        If government want then they can collect informations from income tax department about one’s income. Infact if you are filling a form there is a column for your parents yearly income and not every person fill the column with their right income, but again 20% criteria will work.

        We can have many more examples like this. This smaller ideas will start working even if people started being honest. Single drop of water fills the ocean. People should be honest about their econmic status.

        Deserved criteria, really a very broad concept. Deserved here means who are completely eligible. Just saying , a general candidate is not getting seat by scoring 105 marks whereas the reserved candidate got it on scoring 75 marks only. This is complete partiality. Why reserved people are considerd less than general. Why there is such a huge difference. Coming on the point for the same question paper jusy forget their caste and now ask who is eligible for the seat..i hope u get my point


      2. I wouldn’t say if Gas subsidy was successful or not, but I have argument which say that a life time opportunity vs few gas cylinder makes a huge difference. But that’s just how people think – I think #GiveUpReservation would work, but when a quota guy gives up reservation, there are others who take up that quota – so I am not sure how it will benefit overall.

        Now you bring up – Honesty ? Really ? That is totally unmeasurable. About the income tax – There are way to many fraud in them. But I accept that there isn’t one way out, many small small initiatives need to combine to build a successful approach.

        But there should be definitive terms and not ambiguous ones., because when ambiguity comes in people try to fake, make, break or bend the rules.

        About the reserved being consider less than general – It was initially started as they were deprived of the resources. I mean there are few who are deprived of the sources as well (not the one who make up to IIT n take benefit of it, but those who can’t make it to +12)

        Certainly there needs to be amendments made on this – so if I give you the authority to implement or device the system/approach – What would be 5 (points/strategy) drops you would add so that it becomes a ocean ?

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      3. .

         a/ q me Reservation insults peoples’ ability and intellect directly as it readily allows the authority to sack really deserving candidates in the name of caste.it is just like that you are telling someone that ,’your ancestors have done wrong,so you should  pay for that .you may have more quality and you may have more intellect ,but i would not allow you to occupy seat or job as you are the upper caste.’ Most of the steps that i will take will be related from education sector.

        I will not spoon-feed people who’ve already made it past the 12th. They should fend for themselves. If they weren’t good at this level, they won’t be much better off later.
        Reservations (not based on merit) at the post-graduate level (IITs, IIMs, AIIMS) is ridiculous.

         I will use some measures to Remove the concept of castes. In a learned society, no one is inferior or superior. We have to get rid of this.

        It is really hard to uproot reservation as i earlier said. So i will implement a new law person getting benefits of reservations can not apply for any of the government sectors jobs.( reservation is not only in education sectors)


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      4. Some of the statements are not consistent. Yet however, I will take what you said.

        I want to take a mathematical approach to it, define the real problem and then solve it.
        I would however like to reiterate and know from you what is the problem.
        It might seem all of them are inter-related, but as per you, what is the root of this –

        a. Is the issue with reservation ?
        b. Is the issue with reservation being given on the base of caste ?
        c. Is the issue with people tagging themselves under caste and trying to exploit and reap the benefits of reservation ?
        d. Is the issue that people who are not under reservation, do not get seat/job, even when the score/merit is higher than those in reservation ?
        e. Others, then please state what ?

        Based on the problem statement, I would further like to discuss on it.

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  2. Reservation is really a very tricy issue. I am really so confused why people wants reservation. Why they want to be call backward or anythng else like that???

    Does it give them a specal pleasure or anything like that…really don’t know why????

    I meant no disrespect to any of the constitutional laws but saying everyone are equal in spite of their gender, caste etc on one side and on the another side they are giving reservations to people. I can not understand what type of equality is this.

    Reserved people are getting more benefits than deserved people. Reservation was only meant to be create a sense of equality amnog all but these days it just has changed it meaning. Discrimination is one of the main reason now-a-days thats giving rise to so call reservation.

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    1. Correct. We can give a statement on what people are doing and how things were, but I don’t see anyone coming up with a feasible and executable approach to do deal with this topic and surrounding areas !

      Do you have any suggestions for how to deal with reservations or if it has to be uprooted ?


  3. I like this topic of reservation. It’s something which is talked & discussed everywhere and it’s good that reservation is given to those who actually deserve them. But then how to know whether somebody actually deserves it or not? It’s a tricky thing & hence people are trying to take full advantage of it(Jat people fighting for making reservations)

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  4. There is a reservation that we have in our hearts. It’s based on prejudice. So when a woman accuses a man of molesting her, without even knowing the truth a feminist sides with her and a male chauvinist would see it as a conspiracy theory. Very few people will refrain from making an opinion or choosing a side before knowing the truth.

    In case of transgenders, if and when she takes part in the election, some of them will readily sympathise with her for her “disability” ,while others will straight away dismiss her credibility; again because of her “disability.” The point is, are the ppl we consider disabled actually disabled?

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