I have learnt to live with blood on my hands, Can YOU ?

A person goes about killing lot of people in town, sometimes innocent, kids and women (sorry #feminist I don’t mean to say women are weak, it is a usual expression from the killing world, that they don’t do it, hence I use, if you still feel offended, consider I never wrote it or please comment ).

He does so for money (by the nature of his character or driven by situation).

He gets a call, he kills the person and money gets loaded into his bank.

Still don’t hate this (dirty) person?

He uses the money for illegal drugs and weapons. Let’s call this person A.

A man ploughs his land in village. He grows crops and earns his living. He works all day.

He lives in a place, where there is very less rain or almost no rain.

Still don’t feel pity about him ?

He is in huge debt with the village head.

Let’s call him person B.

Everybody knows about the person A ! One day Person B comes across person A. Person B feels scared and sweats to life. A does not notice B yet. B finds a gun beside A, who took drugs and was smoking beside his car. B silently goes to the car, takes the gun in his hand and points it towards A.

A – “What are you doing ?”
B – “I’m going to kill you?”
A – “Do you know how to use a gun?”
B – “No!”
A – “Have you killed anyone before?”
B – “No!”
A – “Do you know what it feels to kill someone?”
B – “No!”

A – “If you want to shoot me, go ahead, I want to ask you one more question. I have learnt to live with blood on my hands, Can Y.O.U ?”

*Gun Fire Sound* *Screaming voice of A*


22 thoughts on “I have learnt to live with blood on my hands, Can YOU ?

    1. oh how unfortunate, I tried to avoid names to it won’t touch anyone as a person and see what somehow it still connects to you 😀

      Well, you are miss A for that matter so you can calm down 😛


      1. Their lives seem very unfairly distributed. A has no conscience but all the power and B nearly works himself to death and gets a hitman sent after him. Seems highly unfair. If someone has to shoot someone, why not the underdog shoot the murderer? He doesn’t have to kill him, but still…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your feedback and I want the readers to comment their thoughts of what happens next.

      Your thoughts totally reflect what Thrasymachus. I will bring about a complete transformation on what you just said !

      It is very very confusing but I will try to put in as simple as I can.


    1. Thank you for your thoughts. Names somehow make it more connected, so I wanted to avoid the names. I see your tag says a writers life, it means a lot coming for you.

      What do you think, B was thinking at the end ?


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