Google Chrome Offline Hidden Game

I have been a big fan of Google since the time I came in touch with Internet. Google awes the user with various interesting products, apps and features. Google Doodle is one of the many interesting ways google connects with users. There is one less known feature about Google Chrome, which I am going to talk about today.

Try to access any webpage from Google Chrome, with your network connections disabled or out of reach. You will find the page displays something like below, saying your internet connection is disabled. This might happen frequently when you are travelling and your service provider doesn’t have reach to remote places. If you feel bored, without any connection in such places and when you have nothing else to do, try hit on the dinosaur image. You will see very simple interesting secret game loaded immediately and the dinosaur starts to run, when you tap on the screen the dinosaur jumps.

Now all you got to do it avoid the collision with the cactus like looking plants or trees. This is my highest score today. Give it a try at your end and let me know what is the maximum score you reach.



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