Life is a gift. Cherish it every moment.

Life is a mysterious charmer which lures you towards the future and when you arrive there showcases the past.

Life is overall beautiful. It is one beautiful gift to be born as a human and to have a heart that reciprocates and connects to humans and other living beings. To have tears that taste salty. To have ears, which listen to the music of nature and the cry of a baby. To be having mind capable of producing numerous emotions, each having a specialty of its own.

The gift to be born and to be able to give birth to a new life, is greater in shape and size to any other. The nostalgia of being away from your home, the pain in missing your loved ones and countless events and emotions that we come across.


If you start looking at the gifts that life gives us and start facing the challenges that are put before us, you will realize that every single moment, is a  priceless gift and you got to cherish each one of them.

Lots of Love !


7 thoughts on “Life is a gift. Cherish it every moment.

    1. Yes, Life is like a wobbly thing, which keeps constantly moving and yet manages to stay intact, unless we make some choices that break it apart.

      Thank you for putting such a wonderful phrase and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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