Infidelity and Regret

That day, I was drunk. I was not in my senses. I was with my friends who pushed me to enjoy my birthday. You were away for your work and I missed you a lot. They told me creepy things and it made me angry. I was pissed off with the life and it was the alcohol in me talking. I took it to the maximum and lost my control. I broke your trust. I was unfaithful in my moments of weakness and helplessness.


I know this will break you as much as it is breaking me on the inside, but I cannot conceal this from you, now that I have already done it. I regret that day and that moment in my life. Now you are back and we are having breakfast. It’s been a week since I crossed my line and broke the charm of our relationship. I cried every night. I am sorry for what I did.

Will you forgive me ?

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65 thoughts on “Infidelity and Regret

  1. Whatever the reasons, this is not done & not acceptable. I will never forgive her.

    Sure, a lot of people may call her a “strong woman” and will say “let’s give her one more chance”, including on facebook & other social media channels. But I want to know – where was this strength when she needed to display it the most ? One testing situation and all her strength of character has vanished.

    I will still give her credit (in my mind) for telling me the truth. She could have opted to remain quiet & not jeopardize her life. So as a consolation prize, I will not create any scene / drama. I will simply ask her to leave (with a stone-face).


  2. I have started a blog am new to this and have wrote one so about infidelity. My spouse and best friend at the time were doing this while I was in a very bad state of depression. I forgave my spouse with the help of marriage counseling.

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  3. This is also very common for regular relationships. Which matter most is regret. If one truly feels regret, he/she never commits the same mistake again. In that case, that would not be considered as cheating, from my point of view, though it hurts a lot. But, people hardly feel regret for that and concel those types of incidents from their partners. That leads the infidelity and then breakup.

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      • Okay, if you want me to close the subjectivity to a single point, she was lonely and possibly sad missing him and when her friends along with alcohol, messed her mind, she did what she thought was her mistake. Hence she asks for forgiveness, so no it is not an act for power here, not a strong unhappiness but some moments of loneliness and sadness, driven by impact of external influence n alcohol.

        Is the event forgivable by you then ?


      • I see and I understand. Well, will she cheat again next time she feels sad and lonely? It’s hard to tell if it’s forgivable or not like I told you it’s very subjective.

        My personality is different from the author. I’m not implicated in the relationship.

        How bad does the author love her? Is she worth gaining the trust? It needs to be discussed. Where do both characters desire to go from here?

        Are they reaching a dead point in the relationship? I don’t know… there are so many factors involved in this situation… Do you know what I mean?

        Those feelings of loneliness and sadness… What are they hiding? Those are very strong feelings that need to be assess… But yet i’m talking through my hat… I’m not involved in the situation…

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      • Sure thanks for sharing your thoughts.

        I cannot any further provide you an explanation. It was meant to be an open thread, which the reader can take it the way they want.

        You provide the chain of thoughts you carry, it means that before making any decision, you will go into a discussion of finding out the cause and reason it out. Is that correct ?

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      • Yes because sometimes it hides something more severe that will return if not healed. Can it be healed by the relationship or is it something that needs to be heal by herself?

        Where there is love, there is understanding.

        However forgiving does not necessarily mean forgetting because pain is real.

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  4. Well according to me, if you really regret it then you surely deserve a second chance. Yes it would take some time to build back the trust but its surely possible! After all we are humans and we do end up making mistakes.

    Also as per this scenario, if you really regret it, then the first thing to be done is to ban the alcohol which led you to that state and also those friends (if they pushed you and encouraged you to end up cheating on your partner) !

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  5. My view is totally different from others. Still i do not mean any disregard to their thoughts. They were their perspective.

    Three points came to my mind after reading your post

    (1) Everyone deserves a second chance.

    (2) Trust is something that take too much time to build and very less time to break.

    (3) self realization is really a big thing. If you can realize that you were guilty, It means a lot.

    My point is yes i can give you a second chance but that will be the last one too. You had broken my trust earlier so we are going to face difficulites in our relationship later. It is just because i can not trust you in the same way as i earlier did. The other reason behind frogiving you is also that minimum you have the guts to tell the truth and you are realizing that you were guilty.

    A/q to me you deserve a second chance.

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  6. To err is human and to forgive is definitely divine. It’s easier said than done and that will be hard on the parties. If there’s genuine regret and not that he will keep repeating the same mistakes, then it’s worth fighting for the relationship and rebuilding trust.

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  7. I would have to say I’m with Samantha on this… If my husband cheated on me, not only would the relationship be over but our marriage and our entire life would shatter. I’ve been spurned too many times, and not telling is just as bad as continuing the act. If something in the relationship is broken, one should talk with the individual they’re in a relationship with about what is broken so that it may be fixed, instead of creating an even greater rift in the relationship and essentially severing the ties that made it work in the first place.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      “But if you have cheated don’t burden the other person with the truth. The other person will break.”
      – is the you, like a generic you or me ?

      Because this is not me, it is a piece of my composition, just like the others in Social Dilemma.


  8. I think it depends on the people involved. I for one have major trust issues, so if I would have a partner and he’d cheat on me, our relationship would be over. Not because I wouldn’t forgive him, but because a part of me would never trust him again. And you can’t build a healthy relationship on anything else but mutual trust. Plus, I feel if someone chooses me, they don’t have business to do with someone else :p
    As for the cheater… I do feel sorry because he feels genuine regret and remorse, but regret always follows the sin and this situation could have been prevented. Something’s broken and I’m not sure if there’s enough glue to fix it.

    But hey, I’m old-fashioned and trust and loyalty mean a lot to me. I suppose by talking it over and getting things out in the open, taking baby steps, you might be able to rebuild a stable relationship. But it takes work from both sides.

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  9. I think the cheater should keep quiet. Confessing to an infidelity is a form of absolution – it just makes the person confessing it feel better because they got it off their chest (reducing their feelings of guilt but not the actual guilt) while breaking the heart of the other party. I think if an adulterer was already unfaithful, he or she can keep their thoughts to themselves. Nothing can be changed by confessing after the fact.

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      • No, infidelity should not exist in a committed relationship between two people.When the question of honesty comes up, the one who’s being honest needs to see who would really benefit from telling the truth. In the situation you outlined, the spouse doesn’t know their partner has been unfaithful. The adulterer cannot function normally because the guilt is eating away at them. Confessing at this point would only bring a measure of relief to the adulterer (confession of guilt gets the weight off their chest, and what happens next is up to their partner) but not the one who was innocent in all this. So, no matter how wracked with guilt and wretched and sleepless and listless the adulterer becomes, he or she has no right to blurt out the truth and hurt their spouse.

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    • I would say by not confessing – the infidelity will still show up in the relationship somehow – subconsciously. You can’t have true intimacy when someone is hiding something that big and important. Eventually it will all come out – what’s done in secret always does. Whether it’s 2 years or 10 years – you just never know when.

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      • Streetpoet12 you bring a good point about how concealing an act of infidelity can create impact on the intimacy and the daily happening of the person. It will consume from the inside. And when it comes out later than it happened, the pain is even stronger to the other person, than if it was revealed sooner. It would be interesting to see what SS Kuruganti has to say on your thoughts.

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