I am like an Egg

I am like an egg, possibly a good one. (Perspective)


I am in my natural and free state, very tough on the outside. I have the crust that takes care of all the evils and vibes from the outside world. If you manage to break my shell, you will find me runny and moist. I will not be able to hold my self, there would be a part of me that would still stay intact, but a lot of me would be formless. This would happen because you didn’t know how to handle me.


If you would have taken time to be with me like the boiling water in a vessel enclosed. If you take some moments and experience the warmth with me, you will come to know of a different form within me. I will now become a completely transformed individual who can be tough on the outside and solid on the inside. If you break past the hard crust, you will reach the soft part of my heart. You will discover a caring and nurturing being that didn’t exist when you break it untimely. If you be careful and get past my softness, you will reach to a point to know that I am made of an inner core. The core values and virtues that make me. The kind of being that comprises of a soul, you will find it to be vibrant and pious. You know for one that your time and patience was worth and you would be glad to have known what I am on the inside.


If you felt this was wonderful, then you should know that there is something more to it. If you can manage to prove the warmth in a way that I could be fertile and if you have the patience to let it bloom until all the time it needs, you will realize that I am capable of carrying a life on the inside. When you wait for the right time, life will break the shell from the inside and it will make way through the broken pieces to walk into the world. This will be knowing and experiencing me in the completeness of me.


I am like an egg, now it is on you if you break it untimely and run into an omelet or take time to boil and share the warmth to know the inner core or fertilize and stay till the end, when it unleashes from the inside to know the true me.

15 thoughts on “I am like an Egg

  1. It takes time for people to actually show you who they are… Sometimes your warmth might just be what they needed.. Awesome analogy. I am intrigued. It’s wonderful how we get ideas. haha…

    Liked by 1 person

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