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Small pond in the midst of a valley in Saputara – The view from top of a hill
The Horizon seems to far away and the mountains stand tall forever
This place looks like those artistic panorama taught in painting classes. Its a real place, during monsoon, small stream of river, flows above the rocks.
The dark clouds above in the sky and the greenery below it, signals monsoon onset in India

Landscape | The Daily Post

16 thoughts on “Landscape | The Daily Post

  1. Wonderful landscape shots! It’s interesting to see the difference between the first three where the landscape looks fairy dry and the last one where everything is so green.

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    • I hope it was not confusing. Both are different places though. The last one is a picture captured while traveling.

      All pictures are part of Western Ghats of India, where first three are towards the North of Ghats and the last one is in the middle of Ghats.

      The seasonal change in India is responsible for the red/brown color in Summer and green/fresh color in Monsoon.

      This is seen in most parts of the country.


      • No, not confusing at all. I thought the last one looked like it was probably taken in a different region. But, still, such an amazing difference! It’s hard for me to imagine Monsoon season. We don’t have anything like that here.

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      • We have pretty mild but wet weather here on the western side of Washington State. It doesn’t get terribly hot or terribly cold but we usually have some (and sometimes a lot) of rain every month. We don’t get snow every winter and it usually doesn’t last long. I, too, find it hard to imagine really snowy winters!

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