What it feels to be Rejected !

The pain of being rejected kills you from the inside. When you have worked all your life and you have everything one needs to have, but you are rejected for how you look, there is nothing more painful than that. If you are rejected for something you don’t have, you feel sad but not broken. If you are rejected for something you have, which the other person considers un(der)valued you are shattered into pieces.

You know that you have loved the way you look all your life, until one day you met someone who mocked about your looks. Then every day onwards that day you met people who pointed out lot of things about your looks. When you went online, you came to see, how looks are the first thing by which people chose to connect with you. Your friend had 1000 of likes for her selfie and you had 10 likes for saving a dog. You realized that the saying “beauty on the inside matters” are words that look on the paper but not in real life.


32 thoughts on “What it feels to be Rejected !

  1. Rejection happens and it stings. It stays with us for a long time. Remember what makes you happy. Do the things you know are amazing at. The person who rejected you is most likely not too amazing at anything. How can that person execel at anything but negativity?


  2. I agree to it. No one can make us feel any emotion(love/hatred/anger/guilty/rejected) till we feel it ourselves. So, if we give soemone the power to make us feel that way then the problem arises. And after that too, it’s not that you have to feel what others want you to feel. So feeling is rejected is something which can be tackled with some minor changes in our thoughts. It’s a saying, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. So we may be a waste for someone but then there is also someone who would do anything & everything to have you too. Now it’s on us to decide where to go & what to feel.

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  3. I have now accepted the concept,,,,,dont give a damn to the world…..it criticizes,,,,it hurts it praises….once we are neutral none of these are gonna affect us…keep smiling…..you are beautiful…and you know that.

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    • do you know, you bring a key word “Neutral”. I love it so much in everything I do and everything I think, I tend to be neutral and it is an amazing feeling.

      Thanks for your words. This is another creation by putting myself in someone else shoes, this time as someone who is rejected.

      Thanks for your sweet words 🙂

      Can you see the Social Dilemma category, I think you have nice insights to provide there.

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      • yeah….I try my best not to hurt others….unaffected by anything others tell….strong stable….but still broke down at times…but now kind of stable….trying to discipline my life .

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      • Yes, it is good to break down at times. It is good to be fluid, then being rigid. Because when you are rigid there is a chance you will break down once in for all and by fluid, you can take shape as the vessel.

        And being human is to shred tears when it pains. Its no shame.

        And getting to discipline and organize is the need and what we strive for.

        Your simple and short words, reflect my thoughts too.

        Over and above life is like a SINE wave, with ups and downs. Keep Smiling through it all.

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  4. You are right! Looks do matter a lot in this society and “beauty on the inside matters” lies mostly on paper.. And its pathetic!! At times it literally kills you!
    But I have always believed in one thing, if you have the right attitude and take those comments head on ….then what others feel or think will stop bothering you after a point of time and then people who ridiculed you will themselves shut their mouth. Now you might say its easier said than done. But I have done that, though it took me sometime to get that right attitude!

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    • Thanks Srivi, for putting your personal experience and sharing your thoughts. This is for a soul who feels sad and I knew you fellow bloggers would have a lot of positivity to share.

      This is not my feeling, it’s about whoever feels so and what they feel. I wrote putting myself in their shoes, just like a woman who can’t Conceive or a woman who was unfaithful or a Hijras. I like to put perspectives. This time I just left the emotions down and didn’t share the solutions, because I wanted to listen from people like you so that my readers or some soul, can get the positivity.

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  5. I agree. The first thing people notice is outer beauty. However, those who judge anybody through that criterion are also people who really do not matter because the ones that do, know you inside and out and such superficial things do not matter to them. I myself have admired people for their ‘beauty’ but the moment I got to know many of them, I did not even care about looking at them. So my point is that outer beauty matters only for a very little time but the inner one is the one that stays on and is admired for ever. You are one of the second kind I am sure, because that’s the reason you could come up with a post like this. 🙂

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I just projected on behalf of souls who are rejected for their beauty.

      As the primary filter for getting to know someone or initiating a connection is ‘beauty’ as you say ? Is that correct ?

      If so there are souls who get beaten up by this filter, they cannot walk past this, what would you say to them ?

      Secondly and most importantly at the same time as I was posting my2centsblogger wrote about the same topic and in a apologetic way, she says and I strongly believe, that cover page beauties drive lot of them to choose people in life as per what they look on the cover page, but not many of them look like that in real life. She is an amazing lady to say that.

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  6. It’s taken a while but I try to view rejection as an opportunity to ask myself why what I wanted or needed mattered so much. From parents, loved ones, employers and even strangers we can suffer rejection in various forms. But I always remember that I am beautifully and wonderfully made. Not everyone will get me. What’s most important is that God gets me and I get me. 😊

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Wonder Woman, you truly are wonderful. Introspection, self talk can bring a lot of clarity.

      But one day when the people who love you the most, rejects you for your looks, what would say to those souls ?


      • Ah! Well trying to win such people over would be a waste of time for they clearly care about the superficial. I would bother. There are billions of people in the world. At least a million are bound to love your looks. 😊

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      • Absolutely and we don’t even need millions, we need one person who goes beyond it and some 20 people who accept. We live our life surrounding only lesser than 100 people in real. Don’t we ?

        You put your points so well 🙂

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  7. it is easier said then done but one day you just have to stop caring about what the world thinks. You are beautiful and once you know it people will see it in you eyes and smile. You are not how many likes you are.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I am sure it will help some soul one day reading this post.
      The day when we realize that it is not the likes that count, it will all make sense.
      Thanks Gianellag.

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  8. Belief in oneself regardless of the thoughts and actions of another person is central to maintaining a happy and balanced life. Know your own value is not dependent on some other person. Treat others as you would be treated and those with a true soul will flock to your side. Let the negative people roll off of your back like rain on a duck’s feathers. Stay strong. Stay true to yourself.

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  9. First please accept my apologieson behalf of whoever made you feel this way. They have no right to judge anyone. I truly believe that every is beautiful in thier own way. Not everyone has to look like the cover of the magazines we see, half of the people on the cover don’t even look like that in person.

    I have suffered bullying, still do, but at the end of the day those people do not add anything to my life or pay my bills so they do not matter. Some days are easier then others to be strong. I cry. But they will never win.

    Celebrate who you are and don’t apologize!

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    • Thanks my2centsblogger. Appreciate your words and efforts to fight the bullying, also for sharing your experience with us. I agree to what you say and it sometimes hurts beyond limit but hanging on will unleash the power within. I did write a post on celebrating the identity. Glad to have come across your post at the same time as this was being written.

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