Is Betrayal stronger than Trust !

Betrayal always comes from those
Whom we loved the most
Who knows all our secrets
Whom we think our friends – © Nimmi

Betrayal is stronger than trust !
I deny.

I have plethora of examples where trust superseded the challenges n situation. Where a person chose to get deprived of all the love n be shamed for life, to keep the trust. Only possible to (wo)man of brave heart.

That said, the above lines are applicable in most of cases and it happens mostly because of wrong choices and spike in people’s mood. It is the characteristic of the people and not you, that trust is broken. You must hence choose wisely whom to trust.

Darkness always seems to be powerful, an easy way out, but it just seems it isn’t.

Light is always silent, doesn’t mean it is speechless or it doesn’t exist.

When time comes, in the most unpredictable and unexpected moments you will see light shine and darkness walks away.

Oh by the way – Light and Darkness are hard core lovers, who chose to stay in touch, but never be together. Have you ever managed to see Light and Dark together, they just touch each other. One starts, where other ends.

Check two amazing souls write about Light/Dark – Mystic Raagash and Bhavna

8 thoughts on “Is Betrayal stronger than Trust !

  1. Trust is earned over a long period of interactions. It builds slowly and gets stronger with time and experience. Betrayal of a long established trust calls for re-evaluation of that shared experience and requires an attempt to understand what is causing the betrayal. Once understood, perhaps forgiveness is required.

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    • Thank you Charles. You speak words of wisdom and experience. Trust builds strongly and a (wo)man of kind nature will always re-evaluate and wait for understanding a betrayal or infidelity before jumping to conclusion.

      I am waiting to see your thoughts on – Infidelity and regret


      • Infidelity is a weakness of character and is usually followed by regret for one’s own flaws and how they have harmed our closest and dearest companion. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes of one form or another. We all have regrets for those mistakes. Our true nature is exposed with what we do about those regrets, how we change our lives for the better, how we forgive ourselves and others. Life will not stop coming at us day in and day out. We must lift up our heads, improve our outlook on life, and cherish our closest friends. Smile again.

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      • Thank you Charles. You put your thoughts and views precisely and the delicate nature of relationships, stands on the measurement of how a person handles such incidents and if they have the heart to forgive.

        I will this comment on the post for the readers.

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