Chivalry – The combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, namely courage, honour, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak.

Batman was a Dark Knight, a Silent Guardian. He would come and do his work, but no one would ever know that. Evil was his best companion, though in opposite court, but only Evil knew of all the good work did.


I think each one of the bloggers here, share some traits of a Knight, to talk courageously about things that matter. Being courteous to fellow person in sharing opinion, correcting them and providing suggestions. They are ready to help the readers, the subscribers and fellow bloggers. It is an honour to write, to express and to create. We speak of Justice and try to understand situations in various ways. There is a Knight in all of us.

Welcome to the Clan.
Welcome to the Chivalry.
Welcome my Dark Knight !

What do you think, are you willing to be a Dark Knight ?


9 thoughts on “Chivalry

  1. Ah yes Bhanu ….you see I think superheroes should have capes too but my sons disagree preferring spiderman …..Hmmmm if I was one wouldn’t want batmans tho ….would MUCH prefer swishing around in something yellow or sparkly:D:D:D

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    1. Each one his own kind.
      We are all superheros in some way or the other. But being a Dark Knight, a silent Guardian, a unknown Protector is the toughest of all I believe.

      Sparkly color sounds good !

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  2. Its so true! And yet each one of us are looking to be the heroes. And we all know how the white knight died. Being a hero comes with something far more weight-full than our shoulders can carry and in our own twisted worlds us, on the path of heroism collapse into being the opposite of what we were aiming for.
    So, for us the options are we can be the joker or the dark knight.
    But that’s not how we work, does we. We don’t choose from the table in front of us, rather we go for things we can’t have!
    This post was simply awesome!!

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    1. I am glad you could feel all the flavors of being a Hero and the weight that comes with it.

      Also as you say, we do not follow along what is before us, instead we fight for what we believe and stand for what we know we want. We project positivism even in the darkest phase and it might be hard, struggling but not giving up is the way out !

      Thanks for your appreciation 🙂

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  3. Weeee, Batman! 🙂 He’s only my favourite super hero, haha. Great post, Bhanu. I reckon you are right, maybe we all are a bit like the Dark Knight, hiding in the shadows while working on what we believe in, and appreciating others. (And we’re like the Joker, too, but only because Heath was so awesome playing him).

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