Will Waiting List (WL) ticket get confirmed ? IRCTC

Reservation in IRCTC – I have a Waiting List ticket, will it get confirmed ? Should I book ?

If that is your confusion, this post is for you.

If you are a frequent traveler or you happen to travel because of some urgent work, you will always find get into a dilemma of whether or not booking a WL ticket and if Waiting List will get Confirmed. Sometimes by using your experience of travelling on a route you apply a logic or by asking some friends you make a decision. What if I told you there was a way to know what are the chances of your ticket getting confirmed, when you are doing a reservation in Train with status Waiting List (WL).

Right, there is a way and here is how you can do it. You can login to IRCTC,  choose your source and destination, the date of travel and click on submit. As shown below, the status for 3A in Hyderabad Express (17031) on 8th April 2016, is GNWL18/WL10. That means the current waiting list is WL 10. So if you book, you will get a WL 11 on your reservation. Will it get converted to confirmed seat, when the chart is prepared ? Don’t worry follow along !

Waiting List Status

Now go to Confirmtkt Website. Choose the Source, Destination, Class of your choice and the Date. (You can directly go to this step from next time) You also have an option of choosing the Quota, but for now I will consider you are doing so much planning in General Quota. Hit Search. You will see, that there is a possibility of 4 more tickets to be confirmed.


As you can see for other trains, they list the chances of a ticket getting confirmed in percentage and then you can decide if you want to try or not. They also list alternate route, in case you have to reach in any case, but want to have a confirmed seat. I love their work. Do you like it ? Please do try the statistics, rather than on mere assumptions. There are options to choose various CLASS and QUOTA as per your preference and requirement.


They also have a mobile app. (I haven’t tried using that yet, will update soon with my experience)

If you liked this post and if you are a frequent traveler you might want to check out my other post on how to do current booking in IRCTC.


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