Don’t live in the hope for better tomorrow

Did you give up on watching your favorite cartoon series to study for your exam ?

Did you give up playing with your friends in the playground, to prepare for your board exams ?

Were you told that, you just have to study for one year and get good marks and your life will be better from then onwards ?

Were you happy that you scored good marks and got into top schools, just to realize that you had to work 2 more years with even more focus and dedication, giving up on all your favourite hobbies and interests ?

Were you also told that if you have to make it big to the Forbes list, you will have to prepare for the entrance exams that meant more classes, notes, books and tests ?

Were you happy to knock it down and make it big to the list of your state toppers ?

Were you happy to join a top college only to realize that you are no more a kid and you lost your child hood and everyday from then is just a struggle to get a job ? It wouldn’t have mattered if you would have got some less marks and managed to cherise your childhood !

Were you happy to give semester exams, prepare presentations, books that weighed a kg and be confused about what to do next ?

Were you told that you just have to complete your college and not be distracted by OG (opposite gender), so that you get a better job and your life is settled ?

Did you make it big and manage to get a job in one of the top companies, only to realize that you lost your adolescent into books ?

What are you doing at work different from what you started from ? Are you from those 0.1 % for whom this path works wonders and they discover what they are destined for or are you from the other kind who are not sure if they want to continue studying to make it even bigger by studying heavier books (Masters)?

Are you of those kind, who realize that work is not good enough and they got to make their own company ?

Are you of the kind working silently and being content with your work, only to realize that the life that was promised to you never existed and you have been working for something that was not meant to be, at the same time losing something that was in your control.

Are you then told to listen one last time to marry the person they chose ?

Are you going to listen to them ?

Are you going to believe that there is a better tomorrow and in the hope of that tomorrow, you sacrifice your today ?

Will you be living a life of compromises and sacrifices only to realize that there is no place further, for which you have been sacrificing all your life ?

What do you get back for paying such a heavy price ?

Will you continue to live in tomorrow that never existed ?


7 thoughts on “Don’t live in the hope for better tomorrow

  1. This post is spot on! I could relate to each and every question of yours! I struggled to get good ranks throughout schooling for better seat in college. Struggled through out college for better job. Being unsatisfied made em struggle again. Eventually the struggle continues but destination is never clear. And then I made up my mind, ‘F*** this shit! I’m not gonna hope or expect anything more!’ Starting to blog was one such outcome. I’m glad I did. Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. You are right. We should enjoy our todays for as long as they come. Studying is important, increasing the chance for finding a good/better job, but it should not be our only purpose in life. Hope you have a great day, Bhanu!

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  3. That struck a nerve in me. Pretty much everything is a yes, as to the path I’m leading. I’m still not courageous enough to say eff it and take up English for a degree. Darn it.

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