Medical searches on Google Now

We all know that Google does amazing work by doing those little things that make a difference. Google Search is among the most used applications/apps by Google and every time there is something new about it. Today I will talk about Medical searches on Google Search & Google Now and how they are making a difference. Google Health Cards are going to revolutionize the health industry in a way that has never been done.

We all know how prominent and user friendly Google Search is. If you type a question about some facts (e.g. Height of Mount Everest ) in Google Search, you can expect a direct answer to it. Then there are direct results regarding the scores, celebrities, movies and so on. You don’t have to go to any other page to get those connected details. You can browse on the Google Search, Google Instant, Google Now and Google Chrome enjoy the time spreading your knowledge.

Similarly Google has started a initiative about Medical searches on Google Search engine. When you type a medical term in the search bar, you will see a health information neatly arranged in two/three parts. You have the option to download as well.

I think this is a great feature for it serves humanity and it is very user-friendly. It loads quickly and you don’t have to go search a lot. Just type in the word and you get all the details neatly arranged. They have tie-up with various hospitals and all the information out there on the medical world, I think this is going to expand to a very huge feature pretty soon. You can read more about it here. Medical searches on Google.

If you have Google Now, you can just ask a question directly or speak the medical term and the results will be read out to you. On android devices you will have the best experience of this.

It brings me back to think about the FLU Trends, that started with Google Search.

I was going through the Google Flu trends and I was shocked to see that Google Flu Trends is no longer publishing current estimates, however the historic estimates are still available for download. Google estimated the flu trend in the initial days of its search engine and it could predict the onset of flu, based on the search trends. Eventually it went over toss though and in the last 3 years they have not been able to predict it very well. Eventually they decided to stop publishing the current estimates based on search patterns.  Read here what Google Flu Trend team has to say.

I think Medical searches is now a come back from Google, instead. Whatever the reasons are and what will be the results of this feature in the near future, I will always be loving Google for the amazing work they do for Humanity !


2 thoughts on “Medical searches on Google Now

    1. Just interesting ?
      Dude that is a break through,
      though they have failed in Google Health previously, this will at least on a informative level going to be very very helpful, given the smart phone usage, google now and search usage. This is good.

      My friends and I had a discussion about such feature/app in the mid of last year, when I was away from blogging so good that this feature is up from Big Brother Itself.


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