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Why does it happen that right before you are going to sleep, all the troubles and worries in life, flash before you. Every little thing that seem to be alright the whole day suddenly start to bring down your hopes and you lose your sleep. You can’t sleep easily and this becomes your bedtime habit. Does this sound like you ? Do you describe yourself as Insomniac or Night Owl. Does the reason of you being a night owl is your thoughts haunting you at night. Well if any of this sounds relevant to you and if by some reason you are not able to break this cycle, here are some tips how you can stop this never ending pain in the eyes.

First of all, you would need to identify if your problem is a tangible one. When asked about what is bothering you, are you able to paraphrase the problem. Do you have one single problem or lot of tiny little thoughts. Sit down on a calm day early in the morning and have a look into your life. After all its your life. Jot down every little thing that comes to your mind, positive and not so positive things in your life.

Try to write more positive things in large font size and very negative things in dark fashion. Once done, take a break for coffee or tea or whatever that you like in the morning. Come back and have a look at the note. Does all of them seem at the right place with right intensity. Make sure you do this only in the morning, we don’t want any deep thoughts to be taken up at night. If all of them seem to be at right place, try to scratch off some things that are not tangible, which are not real but just in your head. Those imaginations and thoughts that are a production of your mind and do not exist in reality.

Most of the times all the troubles in life are nothing but your head posing a limitation for self. You just have to brush a little and shake your head, you start to see a new world. When you are ready with the real problem in life, like  buying a home, bike or any utility, anything that is tangible, make a road map of how you can achieve it, what you can do for it and by when you want to do it. Once done, keep following your roadmap closely and one day you will be there. Some tangible items will be negative as well, like serious medical issue or financial crisis. May be everything seems coming down on you. Its hard I know, but you got to do what’s necessary. Pondering over the problem for long time wouldn’t solve it. It is better to solve the problem itself by actual efforts towards closure.

Stop wondering about your problems every night. Wake up in the morning with a smile and new zeal to solve your real problems in life. Make a step at a time and eat a bite at a time. Move on with something that is not necessary and grab on tight for things that are necessary in your life. Be brave and courageous. All the very best.

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