Quotes – Part 3

When you work with your heart ♥, you might end up being very successful or end up making other people successful.

Don’t end up taking so many things on your plate, that you keep jumping from one thing to another, without ever actually finishing anything.

My Love is expensive, please try at your own risk.

Life never said that it is going to be smooth and simple, so please, don’t blame it.

I am trying to trim the plants in my garden and shape them to look attractive.

When LIFE gives you a dough, you make Rumali Roti.

I don’t mind being cut every minute,
because it take a lot of cuts (58) to make a diamond.

So when I thought you broke my heart all of these realizations came to light, and it turns out you didn’t break it, you actually made it stronger.

Crossing through the river of pain,
I learnt how to built a boat of happiness.

All I have is tears in my eyes for your success.

No one is stuck anywhere apart from in their own minds

Everything that seems far from reach is just because of your own thoughts

We have seen diverse examples of people achieving what they wanted through their persistence efforts and rigor. Each one for their own. Stand on your feet and strive for what you believe, there is nothing stopping you from getting that.

Always stand for one more minute when you feel it’s not going to work any more.

However long darkness stands all night,
it takes a minute for the light to spread in the morning.

This post is a part of Quote series containing the lessons of life, motivational, inspirational statements I have written from time to time in my life.


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