Hanuman Jayanti 2016

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Chaitra Poonam (full-moon day) as per the Lunar Calendar, which falls on April 22, in 2016. Hanuman was born on this day to Anjana and Kesari. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Hanuman.

Hanuman was a follower of Lord Rama and is worshipped for his strength, chastity and devotion. Hanuman is said to be able to assume any form at will and grow or reduce in size. There are many stories related to Hanuman in the story of Ramayana. In his childhood, he is said to have consumed the Sun. Hanuman was the first to fly across the strait from Rameswaram to Lanka. He was primarily responsible for the fire in Lanka and caused a devastation there. He is considered to be an avatar of Shiva and Rama to be an avatar of Vishnu, likewise.

From early morning, devotees flock Hanuman temples to worship him. They apply tilak of sindoor to their foreheads from Hanuman’s idol as Hanuman himself is of that color. Devotees observe Hanuman Jayanti during different time of the year according to their regional beliefs and the type of calendar being followed.

Hanuman holding a Gada (mace) in his hand. Picture credit Google.

I have not celebrated it ever and never seen anyone in my close network to have celebrated it so profoundly. However, in the recent development of my understanding with mythology and Indian ancient history, I have come to a different understanding about the stories in Epics and the celebration related to the characters in the Epic. They teach us virtues and values. They teach us of the events in life.

I learn the value of friendship from the stories of Hanuman. I learn that it is very important to have physical fitness in life. Also there is always immense amount of energy, strength and power within all of us, we just need to discover that or be motivated about it. Sometimes, when the situation demands everything within us comes out profoundly. The chastity maintained by Hanuman, teaches me of the discipline and self-control in life. It teaches of the selflessness and helping attitude towards life.

I believe the celebrations were a motto to spread this knowledge with the common people, during the times when there was no literature, no media and no means of press. We need to understand that we may not celebrate them now, but we should not forget the lessons imbibed in our mythological stories.

The story of Hanuman, consuming the Sun, is mentioned in Hanuman Chalisa ( 40 hymns/verses about Hanuman). This particular verse contains the information about the distance of Sun from the Earth. Isn’t that amazing ?

Devanagari  जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानू। लील्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू॥ १८ ॥

Read as juga sahasra jojana para bhānū। līlyo tāhi madhura phala jānū॥ 18 ॥

The Surya, sun situated {1 Yug = 12,000 years, 1 Sahastra = 1000, 1 Yojan = 8 Miles, (Yug x Sahastra x Yojan) = 12,000×1,000×8 miles = 96,000,000 miles (1 mile = 1.6 km) 96,000,000 miles = 96,000,000×1.6 km = 153,600,000 km} 153,600,000 km from the earth, was swallowed by you after you assumed him to be a sweet fruit.

This post is a part of series in Discovering the Cultural Significance of various rituals and festivals in India.


6 thoughts on “Hanuman Jayanti 2016

  1. ‘Raam (Discipline) Na Milenge Hanuman (Will power) Ke Bina. And Hanuman Na Milenge Gada (focus) Ke Bina. Let’ ‘s befriend focus and welcome the emergence of Rama and Hanuman in our lives.

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    1. Nice connectivity and the only thing about Ram is discipline, but the lesson learnt it you need to tweak lest you lose your wife to jungles and earth. The saddest part of Rams life is troubles !

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