Cilantro or Coriander seeds and flower

Coriander and Cilantro

Cilantro or Coriander seeds and flower
Coriander / Cilantro Photo containing the seeds, flower and petals. Copyrights with Way2Heart

Coriander or Cilantro as it is called in some places, is a soft plant used in cooking as a spice or for garnishing. This picture contains all the forms of Coriander that are used in kitchen. Dried coriander fruits are called as coriander seeds and used as spice.

Coriander freshly cut from the farm. Captured from Ipad Mini 2.
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12 thoughts on “Coriander and Cilantro

      • Oh yes, just this morning, my husband Desh and I sat in our patio garden talking to our plants… it feels so good… and guess what… before we has tea there, we went for a quick walk with our dog and walked barefeet on the grass which was full of dew drops. Can’t even express how wonderful we felt this morning 🙂

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      • Right, because I was amazed you might be a billionaire to have so much place in Mumbai 😉

        Glad to know about your experience. I have had many such moments in my childhood, played in the mud and slept on the grass with dew drops in the morning. I know it feels very soothing. One special feeling of being a human, true happiness incomparable to any other.


    • Yes, the aroma and the taste it adds to a dish is amazing. It is like salt and pepper that go well with almost everything. I will check your collection 🙂

      Nature is always beautiful.

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