Self Sufficient Honesty

I was having a casual talk with someone I have known for a long time. We were having a good time. Slowly the discussion turned cheesy and we started to flirt. Soon the temperature of the floor started to heat up and the air in the surrounding warmed up. She started to touch my feet, while we were sitting on a high rise chairs on the side of a bar.

She placed her left elbow her on the parapet and curled her fingers in her locks around her ear. She had applied some special perfume that day. It was like she had some thoughts in her mind, since the beginning. We came closer to each other and our heads started to move towards one another. Suddenly I found my palm over her lips and she was shocked. She asked me what happened. I said I have a girlfriend.

She pulled my hands away and looked in my eyes. She said how will she know what happens here. I said I will tell her. She was shocked. She let go off me and went back. She asked me why would I tell her. I said because I tell her everything. She winked and whispered, may be you could let go off this one time and not tell her. I nod my head left and right, I said I cannot.

She got disappointedΒ and left the place *swear words*. I said thank you.


31 thoughts on “Self Sufficient Honesty

      1. Also true. And I am not sure about them being extinct. I’ve never met one. At least not one that was single, haha! They’re all taken.

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      1. So when say – Guys ? Do you accommodate – All guys ? some Guys ? Most guys ?

        Whether or not I did is a different question.
        I here is not me, but yes my thoughts.

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      2. And hence I asked πŸ™‚ if you were saying on a lighter note, then ok I would agree to what you believe.

        But if you strongly believe that what you said, then you may want to reconsider that. πŸ™‚

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      3. OK, definitely do that. But, believe me I said it in lighter mood.
        But, one thing , why the boy came to the bar to flirt with a girl and then he was playing with her emotion? After that he was saying he has a gf. That was not right.

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      4. Good ! That’s explains a lot. Hence on all the sensitive issues related to infidelity, faith, trust and honesty. I don’t present the context. I present the situation ! I like to see how the readers feel. Your feelings are well understood.

        My response human beings are not same. If you want to know how a boy feels talk to a boy of 17 years and you will know that πŸ™‚

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      5. Cool πŸ™‚

        But there are all kinds of boys just like all kinds of girls. Just because a girl wears short skirt, doesn’t mean she is inviting someone for something, similar if a boy is in bar doesn’t mean he is there to flirt of drink. πŸ˜€
        E.g. Me, though I didn’t go to Pubs.

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      6. Sure πŸ™‚
        There is nothing personal ! All cool. Just trying to understand the context. You see I ask a lot of questions πŸ˜€

        Well you were kind enough to let your thoughts and opinion, I appreciate that. Comments are the only way I know what happens when someone reads the post. Likes are futile, there is no way to know if they are actually reading it.

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