Open Letter to SG Neginhal, Man behind greenery of Bengaluru

Dear Neginhal,

First of all let me thank you heart fully for the amazing work you have done in the forest department and especially for the green work done in Bengaluru. You rightly deserve to be called the man behind the city’s greenery.

How is your life nowadays and what are the various things you are involved in?

I see you are not available on any social media platform, makes me wonder if you have any particular reasoning behind that. I have come to know about the books you have written with regards to Forestry in India and how you want to inspire the younger generation to be actively involved in Environmental and Forest development. Thank you for sharing your life experiences via books.

This letter is in regards to the latest environmental issues seen in India. I wanted to know your expert views on the same. I wanted to know if you have any special suggestions so that we can approach the problems in a different way. There are many issues related to Environment in India, however I want to highlight following 3 incidents :

  • Chennai Floods 2015
  • Highest Temperature in Bengaluru since 1931
  • Water scarcity in Marathawad

Please share your thoughts on the above mentioned events. I am particularly interested to know your views on temperature shoot in Bengaluru. What could have been done differently in Bengaluru or Karnataka to avoid this situation or if this is a cause of global issue which likely is, what is that Indian Government can do differently.

Recently there has been a summit over climate control globally in Paris. What would be your suggestions to the representatives from India on the UNFCCC.

You might wonder what compelled me to write to you and what is this all about! I have read about your work since childhood and I have looked up to you as a hero. In a country where we are fighting over trivial issues and where no one is clear about how to go about doing something, you had vision and rigor to change the face of a city and you accomplished it very well.

Times have changed from then and we have equally skillful and determined visionaries in the country, but for now they seem to be little bit confused. We don’t want to wait them to gain that conscience in another 20 years. Since you already have all the qualities if you can give a direct message to the youth it would be really helpful.

Looking forward to know your thoughts.

Your’s sincerely,

7 thoughts on “Open Letter to SG Neginhal, Man behind greenery of Bengaluru

  1. So thoughtful of you to write this! However, given how we work, it seems a distant possibility that somebody from the Govt would look at the issues.

    I guess private sector can surely do something about it.

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