Lazarus – Today I rose from death

Feeling like Lazarus
Rising from death
Feeling the air going into my nostrils Feeling of sunrays reaching my iris
The heat touching my body
The heart beat when a beautiful girl walks by
The sensation in the body
The satisfaction of eating food
traveling through your oesophagus
The feeling of seeing the sunset
The hustle in the canteen
The chaos on the office floor
The birthday celebrations
The farewell speeches
Everything is back to square one
The girl whose name haunts you at night
The girl who you loved beyond love
The Lenovo desktop where you built your first successful project
Everything is back to the way it was
Rising from the death
You are back to square one
Back to Life with all your inhibitions and feelings


10 thoughts on “Lazarus – Today I rose from death

  1. Written beautifully. ..both your poems depict the Lazarus phenomenon through different perspectives! I like the “homecoming…” more.
    I feel like a phoenix after writing every poem of mine!

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    1. Indeed. Cool that you like the homecoming. Yes most of not, Phoenix is referred, but that’s when the come back is soon and from the ashes. While Lazarus seems to be fit when you live a life or experience equivalent to death or tomb and then you rise, feels amazing !

      Your poems are very good.

      Liked by 1 person

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