Love Story

A boy and girl were in love for many years. They were in college together and had one the best moments of life. They got jobs in different cities and were earning well. They used to stay connected via ever means of online and vocal communication. Time went by and things started to be a little messy. They were growing up and trying to meet the demands of life. He used to go meet her every few months and those used to be the moments she loved the most.

There were times when he got a little insecure about her and wanted to her questions that seemed very important to him but on a second thought he knew that those questions would break her. But however he did so and that made her upset. She got angry and sad. There were days she didn’t pick his call. He got angry with himself. He didn’t know what to do. He was broken and distance was killing him. He knew he had to meet her. He went to her place and discussed things were. She was crying and he had tears in his eyes. They kissed. She cooked dinner and they had the best day after months. It was Valentine’s Day.


They spoke for hours that night and she hugged him while sleeping. He saw her while she was sleeping and he knew that smile on her face is what he would never want to fade out. He left after two days feeling happy and content. After few months he spoke to his parents about her and told them that he wanted to marry her, that’s when he realized that life was not so easy. His parents disapproved of marry their son out of the community. They said if he wanted to marry a Hindu Girl he can very well do that but then he shouldn’t expect anything from them. It would mean the end of relation. He was confused and blown away. He had no one else to seek out help from. He spoke to her and both of them slept while talking over phone.

He had a friend whom he informed about his life happenings and that made him feel better, but things would come back to him within a week. Meanwhile she got project at work in US and she flew to New York. As distance grew their connectivity and intensity kept changing with time. He wanted her to talk to her parents. She told him straight away that she was never going to talk to her parents about it. For her, parents meant the world and she would never talk about marrying a Muslim boy to them.

Another phase of life struck him and this time the ground beneath him slipped. He hit the bottom so heard that he thought he will be no more. He was not able to focus at his work. It was her birthday after a month. He planned to visit her and surprise her. He made all arrangements and took a flight week before her birthday.

When she met him at the airport she couldn’t stop herself. They were tears in her eyes. They kissed each other. He hugged her like there is no tomorrow. She was happy. They went around the city for two days. On her birthday, they made love. They knew that this was the end of their story. None spoke anything but everything was heard of. Each new that it’s time they take the way life was and say adieu.

He was back to his job and he went along well. When his parents talked to him about sending some profiles of girls for his marriage and he agreed, they were surprised. He confirmed that he was ready to get married and if he is agreeing to what they say, he had one condition for them too. That he will be choosing the girl himself and he will say no when he doesn’t like. They agreed happily.

Every few weeks he would meet some girl and he would end up saying no to his parents. As time flew by, he got bored with this and his parents were getting upset. After an year of looking for various girls and getting tired of him saying no, they asked him to come down home for some discussion. After lunch, they sat in the balcony. His parents told him that if they were not able to find a girl of his choice, they were ready to make his choice as their daughter in law. They were referring to his girlfriend. He smiled and told them that bird has already left the nest. Now it’s empty. They need to continue searching the way they are.

He called his friend and told him of all the happenings and how life has twisted him and his relationship. He suggested his friend to fight and stand for his love. His friend was having his own time with love, parents, relationship !

Please share your thoughts on the story and what you think about it.

32 thoughts on “Love Story

  1. I was in a similar situation. My parents didn’t want me to be with a black man, because he was black. But, I argued with them and stood my ground until they accepted him. However, I would have been outcast by the rest of my family, simply, on the fact I was with a black man. I choose who I’m going to love, but Imy in America and I know it’s different in other countries.

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    • We are on the driveway to the highway you are driving on. We will be there in another decade.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it will certainly help those who need some suggestions. Cheers.

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  2. A sad tale of a very confused and powerless man. One of love’s purposes is to disconnect young people from old traditions (family, place, religion) and propel them powerfully on their own way to start something new. That’s what the old System fears most, the independence of the young. That’s why so much violence against girls who want to choose whom they marry.

    He should have gone with his love, not fooled around trying to placate parents and have best of both worlds. We don’t need parents, family, old traditions and certainly not old religions to validate ourselves. People are sheep, especially in regard to religion. When I was very young I found my self empowerment in telling my parents they had no say in whether I believed in some god or not at all, and in whom I chose to marry, or how I would live my life. They had done their part in the upbringing, the rest was up to me. Now, no god, no religion, no family, no traditions and certainly no regrets.

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    • I am not sure if I mentioned it correctly
      The story of the protagonist is over 😀

      He suggests to his friend to fight for his love, which he quite didn’t do well. His friend is in similar situation and hence he suggests him his learnings

      So what do have to say

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      • Oops … anyways , my I have already told my thinking .. be it anyone , he/she must at least fight for their love …

        And suggesting from learnings is always a good thing ☺

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