Life is just one of those infinite possibilities

Every possibility can happen and you cannot know of what led to an event unless that event happens. So you always track back but can’t never predict ahead !


You keep thinking about what is going to come in future and worry about something that is going to be the way you don’t like or want. Then you try to make an effort to change the course of journey. You twist and turn. You pull the rudder and hit it hard. You travel in a different direction and you reach to the shore. You stand at the shore wondering where you are and if this is where you wanted to be in the first place. You look back to the point where you didn’t wanted to be and the sky appears brighter than ever. You can see birds flying and you can sense life there, while where you are standing you can just see silence and darkness. You wonder if you did a mistake by hitting the rudder.


Well if this felt like what you have done most of the time. There is another person lying down in the beds of water, who didn’t try to change the course of the journey and hit hard the bottom at the end of waterfall. There is no more of that person.


Life is just one of those infinite possibilities. You feel as if you can control the future. You feel as if your past made what you are today. You can never be sure of anything, unless something has actually happened. Thinking over stuff is not going to help you, sometimes you have to just accept the way things are, while other times you have to choose to make a difference in your contour. Whatever you do, you will end up in a place you deserve to be. So be happy about it and make the best of this little life.


27 thoughts on “Life is just one of those infinite possibilities

    1. Yes. Indeed.
      The thing is one should validate if their best is what they want and not what the world demands.

      Glad it motivates you.

      How have you been
      Didn’t see post or comment from you since long
      I was checking your blog yesterday

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    1. This came as a part of discussion with my friends over a dinner outing on Monday. I kept it in my notes. When I read your post I felt I already had a quote ready for it. Then I shared it with you. As I did, lot of thoughts flew through my mind and I started typing which turned into a post. This post. On the fly.

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  1. Whenever you feel like you are the only one going through something difficult, one must remember that there are about 10 different people in the same difficulty. Just different intensities as there are different levels.
    And the competition is only to survive.
    Breathe in, breath out. You are a warrior!

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