Breath Life and Life Breaths Back

When you feel that you are not able to breath properly you take some break and go in the open. You take deep breaths and try to fill your lungs with as much fresh air as you can and breath out slowly. If you didn’t do this ever, I recommend you try breathing in fresh air in the greenery or in open whenever you feel dizzy or drained out. Most of the time people tend to have tea, coffee, smoke or other things to calm their mind out from the load of work or life, but one the most simplest and easily accessible solution in everyone’s reach is breath in fresh air in the open.


Likewise there are situations in life when you feel you are stuck in it from all sides and there is no coming out of it. It’s like a bog you are sinking in. It may be something on the personal level or professional. Sometimes it has got to do with emotional or financial stuff. There is not more simple solution to complexities of life related love, relationships, responsibilities, job, finance, economics, politics and so on. But there is one thing that is in your hands and your thoughts can help you shape them.


Just like you go in the open space to get fresh air, you need to breath in fresh air about the circumstance you are in. You need to take a break from all the chaos and the vibes. Take away all the inputs you get from life and sit silently for sometime. Listen to your self. In the core of yourself you would know what you want and try to think about it. Do not bring in any thoughts from the world. You must have your own fresh thoughts and once you are sure about it, go pursue it.


It might seem very simple solution to the toughest problems of life, but if you keep trying it, it will soon become your habit and life will become cooler than ever like breathing in lung full of fresh Air.


5 thoughts on “Breath Life and Life Breaths Back

  1. Yes, spending some time alone with yourself, really helps one to sort lots of issues.
    I normally prefer taking a walk in the open, when I just get stuck for whatever reason. Regardless of whether I get a solution or not by the end of the walk, at least I have a calm mind and that really helps me to think in a clear manner.

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