Quotes – Part 5

Reality is always simpler than your imagination, but most of the times we get stuck in our imaginative world. We start to live in imagination more than real world.

Know thyself and then embrace the world. It will all make sense.

If you are frustrated most of the time, then there is something wrong with the way you deal with stuff in your life. Start introspecting!

Time is a very valuable essence. Do not disvalue it! You might have to regret it the most.

You cannot know the truth about something that happened in an era before your time, unless you get a time-machine to travel back in time. You can only make a closer approximation to the truth.

There are days when you are pink
There are days when you are blue
There are days when you are green
While other days you are red
But for all those colorful days
you are who you are!
You are a rainbow with multiple colors.

This post is a part of Quote series containing the lessons of life, motivational, inspirational statements I have written from time to time in my life.


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