Are you true to yourself !

What is that one thing that you would never let change in you?

Are you the kind of person who is true to self. Is there something that makes you change yourself over the period of time, apart from the natural growth and metamorphosis!

There are times you take up some challenges or risks in life for the sake of the promise those events have in the near future. You know that there is a very good chance that things can collapse and fall down into debris, so much fast that you will not remember the existence of that monument. Yet, however somehow due to the human trait of being hopeful and being pulled towards the promising life, you take that endeavor.

What happens next is all on how you handle it and what life has left to show you!

5 thoughts on “Are you true to yourself !

  1. It is extraordinarily hard to be true to yourself….not only coz truth is usually bitter and depressing but also because we tend to have a firm belief that we are good and right etc.

    I have read loads of books, articles, quotes etc on being true to oneself but read up on the authors who wrote them and see if they follow what they preach? So far, I have yet to find one.

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    • Your idea is to make yourself perfect.

      Even Krishna who told Geeta to Arjun, was not perfect.

      When you are imparting something to the world, all you do is share your understanding and not your reality or actions.

      While for the seeker it all matters is what he gets and not ask back.

      Hence the quote I say
      Don’t follow anyone else quote
      Not even mine
      Just write your thoughts and quotes and follow them
      Because you are special
      And you know who you are !


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