Why good people suffer more ! Or Do they ?

How can you not be serious about your own life?

Morality is a less discussed subject.

If God was there, why do good people have to suffer. Why do bad people get away easily.

Well then some say, that the bad is not dealt until it has surpassed the threshold. Because the path of unjust and unfair means leads to destruction and everyone seems to avoid it, even the Gods. While on the other hand the path of being good and doing good leads to a world of harmony and the greater good, giving you a leverage of happiness here and chances of afterlife without any troubles. Hence you must be tested and put through all the tough situations to ensure you deserve what you are about to be given. And those that you see having a peaceful and happy life, getting everything that they deserve, may be it’s their afterlife and they are reaping the benefits of the good they did back then.

And for you, may be you are given a second chance to prove your worth or for that matter your hundredth chance, before being sent down to the channel of unknown.

But you may argue – what if there was no afterlife ! What if we are all dupped psychologically to believe and live in a hope of afterlife.

Then so be it. Consider there isn’t any. Because there is none who has come back from there and those who can go pass lives, wouldn’t be able to tell us. Even if they did tell us, we would consider such people cynical.

So let us consider that there is no afterlife. Then what must propel you to be good and do good. What should be your motivating factor.


Sun goes down every evening to come up next morning

Within the single life span, we experience lots of ups and down. We see things going out of our control and we gaining control of life. It is matter of time, when you feel like a gladiator and another time when you feel like the weakest person on the Earth. You don’t need a second life or afterlife to know who you are and what happens in your life guided by what you do and what you believe.

Your choices and your actions will guide what happens of you. So if you are suffering for being good, then you must know that it is your choice and you intend to be good because that is your inherent nature.


26 thoughts on “Why good people suffer more ! Or Do they ?

      1. That is what life is all about Bhanu because we live in a world of duality and have to know what is happiness and sadness and vice versa otherwise how will we progress. We have to know all this but in the bigger picture there is nothing all an empty zero.

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      2. Then it all boils down to gaining skills to able to separate the real from the illusion and by the end when you are wise enough to understand that you come to know that it’s all just a big illusion. Is so ?

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      3. Well I have this one but small life.
        I guess I will have to learn from wise and imbibe the knowledge.

        I understand that it is deep beyond my current contemplating capacity and someday it will make sense that whatever has been was for a reason and then everything adds up.

        Cheers for your share of ripples.

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      1. *A Big Smile On My Face*

        I remember you very well.
        You are one of those few souls who inspire me to believe that we are all the same. We are all humans whatever our country, religion or ethnicity. Deep down there, we all care for our fellow beings and we all feel exactly the same.

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  1. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing. I’m a life coach blogger. Reading blogs is my hobby and I randomly found your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging endeavors. Please keep in touch with me in Google+, +sridharchandrasekaran Twitter @lifecoachbloger

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  2. This is an amazing piece. I read it somewhere that our karma is like a seed. A tree will grow from that seed and when it gives fruit that is your result. So it takes time.. Never loose hope and keep doing good. Good things come back in the most unexpected way.

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  3. A beautiful yet a controversial read!
    It’s all about daring to put forward the question numbing your mind.
    If we say that there is a God, then why put so much decisions in his pocket. The channel of birth demands us to do deeds in our lives. The good and bad alike. To be acts of humane kindness because we are capable of.
    And, if to say, there is no God, it still demands to care for the people that we move by in our routines. Because the more people we can muster in our lives, the better to fill the lonliness that surrounds us.

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