Why we broke up! And how much I love you!


Because I was dumb.

Because you were hurt.

Because you were passionate.

Because you wanted to shine bright and you consider me to be a hurdle.

Because you were looking for a reason to separate and you found a perfect one, the mistake I made!

When you said that you would never find someone like me, did you really mean that?

And if that was true, why cannot you talk to me. Why do you hate me so much?

If your past has compelled you to stop believing in people. If your experiences has shaped you to live on your own. If the distance between us has given you a reason to be strong. Then so be it.

You found something different about me and may be I screwed up.

But there is nothing changing from my end. It is all still the same.

Affection never vanishes.

You just acquire new bitterness. I learnt to wash away any bitterness in my life. I wish if you made an attempt.

When the time was right, we just happened. When we happened, I flawed. When I flawed, you flew. You flew far away where I cannot reach you.

But if something is destined to happen, then it will happen, however the odds are.

I am not clear about my emotions.

Neither am I sure, if I can feel the same again in the same way.

If my feelings are persitent over time, I will come looking for you, where ever you are in whichever corner of the Earth. Until then I only wish you don’t get entangled.

For Love!


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