One question to you – My Lost Love !


One day if you see me across the street you are walking, while it is raining and you see me standing near the traffic signal, with no umbrella or rain coat but just a file to cover my head. And it so happened that I was not aware of the dynamics of the weather in this new town, I stand there under the pour for the signal to turn green. When you see me there, after 3 years since we last spoke, will you be able to identify me?

If you remember me and if you know it’s me, will you walk down to me and try to have a talk?

While you have a cup of coffee with your colleagues, will you wonder if it was me or just your illusion!

There are some things I mustn’t ask and think about but why is that everytime I see you, chill wave runs down my spine.

Are you my weakness or strength in disguise!

Are you my pain or blessing while I drain?

Will you, let go of all those times, when you were hurt and when you know of how much I suffered since then, continue from where it all stopped?

Can you stop being an adult and be the same old girl who thought she found her soulmate?

If there was nothing you needed to hide from me and if we were free to be with our uniqueness, why shouldn’t have that been a long lasting experience!

I know, something’s are not in my control. But I will make an attempt, until I know that it is meant to be the way it is.

For as long as my heart beats and I feel the vibe thinking about you, I will continue to believe you are the O.N.E.

To Love.

Why we broke up ? And how much I love you


15 thoughts on “One question to you – My Lost Love !

    • Thanks.
      Honesty is the best policy they say and only a few can tackle the ‘Bare True Honesty’

      However people crave for honesty, when they face one, the can’t take it.

      As rightly showed in Interstellar, it’s difficult to take 100% brutal honest responses.

      The above flow of thoughts are carried on after the previous post on – Why we broke up..

      You will be surprised to know that the flaw or mistake that the writer takes about has a very close connection to being honest πŸ˜‰

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