She wants him, but does he ?

She calls her friend to tell about the recent on/offs in her life. She has been talking to a guy lately and she likes him a lot. They met at a matrimonial site and happen to visit at a meeting with parents. It all went fine but the guys mother didn’t like the girl. So they decided to call it off. However for whatever reason, the boy was in touch with her and they happened to have lot of talks. They met few times.

He had spoken to his mother a lot of times, however she never agreed. She didn’t like the looks of the girl. For quite some times things were grey and eventually their discussions were cut short. They were not talking anymore. The girl was sad and confused. She wanted him. She liked him very much but his Mom was never to approve.

She was looking for other guys on her parents orders but she never liked any. She was always looking for him in every guy she met. As she was not talking to him much, it made her sad and weak. She knew it was not working and there was nothing that made her feel hopeful. She decided to tone down her emotions for him. She started to go along in her life and think less about him. She decided to move on or make an attempt to move on.

And then after few weeks, he calls her and they talk. Every time she talks with him, she knows that she is the weak one. She wants him in her life. He made her feel special. He told her that he was making an attempt to convince his mother and meanwhile if she found someone else, she was free to choose so.

The only question that kept her awake all night was –

Should she wait for him or stick to her decision of moving on and forgetting him from her life?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

21 thoughts on “She wants him, but does he ?

  1. I respect your feelings,but being a girl after seeing one of my best friend undergoing almost d same situation as she is in,its,after10 years of wait,the man she(my friend)was madly in luv with finally agreed to get marry her,each day for her untill she got married,was so terrible to bear where she knew d intensity of her luv but parents wanted d matter to go ahead atleast an official engagemnt dey were seeking,on d other hand, this man used to get so annoyed once she touches the topic of marriage,she relied his assurance too of their future together but when? She hs 3 adolescent siblings yet to be married after her dat was also her concern dat she is impeding them too as parents were not ready to break the sequence, sorrounded by countless tensions once she got hospitalised too as she was underdepression for so long then also, she didnt tell him as she didnt want to trouble him/force him showing him her ailments already her luv was in defence barely get to talk freely.finally,after alot of tormoils dey got married recently,a month back.i hope now u cn understand why i was advising her so..:)

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    • Well your story shows hope
      And that what make her do what she does.
      Isn’t the opposite of what you are advising her
      She would take your own example to counter you ?

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  2. See,if its not now,its never ever as she has soft corner for that man,who z pretending to be helpless for taking his own life’s decision,after oll she nly has to overcome him whether nw or later,d prolong she’l take the more dishearten,dejected,nd enotionally shattered she’l be in d future.its difficult but don’t assume it impossible,she may be sinked deeply in love,must be thinking from heart but being a friend/well wisher advice her as much as you can, perhaps,your kind words of wisdom helps us to come out of this illusion or awake her sleeping brain into action.

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    • Sometimes we make choices that are not rational
      I often try to help them talk their heart and understand what do they really seek and what position they are in.

      In this case I preferred to listen to her story and not give any advice as she knew what her situation was. She was just sad inside to be able accept it and with time I knew she would get hold of it.

      I think we all have choices to make and our choices shape our life.
      At times I find it difficult to pinpoint what they must do.

      It’s never a white or black thing.
      It’s more often grey areas.

      Thanks for your kind words.
      It’s been a while I wrote this
      But your suggestions are well taken
      I will try to put my point to them as and when I find I can add something.

      Cheers to your spirit.

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  3. Well,as per the situation i don’t really cannot fathom if a guy is confused enough to take a decision when to marry,whom to marry,den,he should have to actually stop thinking about marriage.if he can’t handle situation now oscillating between his mind and heart,at this point of time, would he be able to take right decision entangled between you,your family,post marriage??

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    • But it breaks her heart to know that he is not going to be in her life and she cannot live with this fact.

      What would be your suggestion to her ?


      • See if not now, its never ever and moreover d prolong u’l cling on him,despite knowing his dillema,the more dishearten and dejected and emotionally broken she’l b in future nd den also somehow she only has to get over him.

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  4. She must move on ..because the guy is making lame excuses just because if he want to marry her he propose him earlier .If his mother did not agreed then why he is wasting time of girl he created confused situation like you want me or not but I have to accept my mother decision?? Of course that girl loves you and want you but if you want to accept your mother decision thn why wasting time of girl … In this situation girl should be realistic ..

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      • Let the force guide her
        For one who is weak within
        It would ages to let go off
        For when you cannot love yourself
        For who you are
        You cannot let go of an idea
        A thought of love from someone
        It is a dilemma and mere desire in your mind
        And the illusion
        A hope of being together
        That lets you drag something unnecessarily

        Until times solves the situation
        She wouldn’t accept it.

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  5. Both. Maybe set a deadline (‘I’ll wait until… [specific date] and if nothing has happened, I’ll move on’).
    It’s too risky to move on right now (what if he convinces his mother and she misses out on someone she clearly fancies a lot?), and she cannot wait forever (if his mother will never approve of her, he’ll move on, too). So wait for a while, then when nothing happened, move on.

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    • Yeah confusing as it can.
      While people go through such situations.

      What would be your thoughts on the situation or your suggestion to the girl.

      Poems are by far most attractive stuff. You have done consistent in your work. Few months of last year I was off but I see you have done pretty good in your blog. And I am glad it makes you feel good as a writer to see your followers name pop up.

      Thanks for mentioning it.
      It made my day. 😃😃😃

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      • Sure you write so well.
        Literature flows from your fingers and very less often do we see good work in Hindi.
        Being someone who likes languages so much, I definitely feel inspired when I see someone with good command in language and expensive. You have both of them.


        Somehow the symphony of life helps to like minded people connect, often in ways least expected.

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