Belum Caves – Anantapur, AP

The second longest natural caves in India. This is a stretch of 3km of natural caves born by thousands of years of water flow which has now dried up leading to beautiful mesmerizing layers of rocky caves. It feels like a dream or a movie set craved so perfectly. Nature often amuses us with its pixel perfect craftsmanship.

Belum is around 70km from Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh. You can reach Anantapur from Bengaluru, by road or rail, which takes around 3 to 4 hours. This place is taken care of by AP tourism and is neatly managed. There is not much facility for food or water, so please carry your supplies.

The depth and the stretch is very wide and around 1.5km of the caves is open for tourism. If you are a patient suffering from any diseases like asthama, heart disease or likewise, please take proper care or avoid going into deep points. A normal healthy person feels heavy breath and suffers a lot of precipitation. At certain corners in the inside it is very difficult to breath.

Here are some photos.

The surrounding places to be visited includes the mysterious hanging temple of The Lepakshi and The largest Nandi Sculpture.

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