Ion Internet – Navi Mumbai – Reviews – Pathetic Service and Network

Usually I would not go about saying bad things about people or group. But this is one experience I cannot stop sharing with you guys. We have come to an age, where internet has become a part and parcel of life. So has the smart phone. With the coming age demand of buying online and communicating with your loved ones online, the dependency on being online is very high. So usually you would have a mobile internet pack in on your smart phone and while you are at home or office you would have WiFi Broadband Internet access.

I have got one such installation done with the help of local internet broadband service provider – Ion Internet. The only thing I will have to say about them is pathetic customer service and constant network outage. In the last one month or so, I have been only able to use the internet for about an hour or so every day and often outage is for a day or two. Lately the network is down for more than 3 days and even on constant reach-out to the customer team via call center, email or complaint via app feature, there is no update or prompt response.

The customer care executive confirms that the call is  being logged and the problem will be solved at the earliest. There is never any feedback call or any confirmation via email or SMS. Even over mail they give a generic reply to the first mail and following up on which, there is never any response. I have not been able to perform numerous transactions because of this constant outage and spooky network. I have to often connect with my mobile internet to do any work.

The purpose of high speed internet was to be able to be update and be at the edge of doing any payments, offers or bookings. There has been constant disappointment in the network outage and I feel cheated for taking the prepaid package for 3 months. I will be discontinuing after the 3 months are over and never suggest anyone to take this network. I understand that outage can be there once in a while or there can be technical issues, but constant outage without any acknowledgement or promptness is a pathetic way of going about it.

We need something to be able to go about such pathetic customer service.

Read some complaints and customer exasperation :


6 thoughts on “Ion Internet – Navi Mumbai – Reviews – Pathetic Service and Network

  1. One of the worst service provider every month there is no internet for days rude roadside staff guys we are the ones who should be boycotting such service providers make them cry to get customers in one year for sure one month no internet if u calculate the outage days may be even more this is from malad liberty garden make such people jobless by not getting giving them business

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