Marine Lines, Mumbai, India

Marine Lines is one of the go to places in Mumbai. People of all ages visit this beach that looks like a necklace at night. But what I saw when I went close up, really shocked me. So I took some pictures that tell the story.

4 thoughts on “Marine Lines, Mumbai, India

    • There are volunteering groups who come and clean them every day or alternative day. The City corporation also works on cleaning.

      Part of the trash is from the visitors at beach and the part of it from the trash from the city that gets washed away into the ocean via the canals and streams in the city and then gets washed on to the beach.

      They clean
      And it looks like the first pic
      But then the hidden fact is
      Trash accumulates
      Too much of plastic thrown out the the people and
      Someone has to clean every day !

      Sad story of our city
      It’s the NY of India !

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