New Beginning

Everyday is a new beginning. Believe in yourself and navigate the hurdles in your path to become who you intend to be.

Three important things which can shape how you feel about your life and things in general.


The fighting spirit to not give up and continue to move forward can help one do many things which may seem impossible or distant future in the beginning. With a new energy and vibe every week, once can foster the future they wish to create. At the same time accept the things that are not in their control. Acceptance along with Perseverance stems the root for Resilience.


When you have a purpose in life, it make you go on miles and miles. When you meet your purpose or create one for yourself, you must commit to it 100% and continue till you make the ends meet. Sometimes it may seem overpowering or the challenges seem too big to be crossed, but taking one bit at a time, things can be done. Following a purpose keeps one aligned in life and provides the satisfaction that keeps one healthy and happy.


Inside all of us there is a innate character that is shaped by our experiences, circumstances, surroundings and events we go through. We make choices and decisions based on our previous experiences and the future outcome. Grit is something that can make things turn around. It is accompanied by patience, belief, hardwork and a combination of other emotions. Once you experience the feeling, you can’t seem to shut it down

With a new beginning ahead all of us, we shred off the previous troubles, take the lessons from them, wear a new coat and walk into the new challenges of life to overcome them and to reach our destination as we enjoy the process as much as the output.

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