About Me

In 2019

Searching for my Ikigai !

Me in 2016 

I have been reading a lot about Indian Mythology, Ancient India, Architecture, Religions, Temples and Kings. I have come to mediocre understanding and I continue to visit places of historical and religious importance to further understand about them.

I want to share my views and opinions about various Social Issues, Corruption, Reservation, Environment, Religion, Social Media, Education, Love, Relationships and Culture.

Me in 2015 

I am on a streak from January 2015. I feel like I am on drugs (though I am not). I feel limitless and like LUCY I feel elevated to certain extent. It is like some unknown force is triggered inside me.

Currently I am living by a simple rule.

Take tasks day be day. Take things one at a time and increasing my hit rate. Eat well and be happy about what I am doing. It feels good.

I am a Software Engineer. Alongside I like to understand the deepest human feelings and virtues. The way we interact and behave in various situations. Through blogs, I am sharing various experiences of people around me, my observations and few compositions based on my thought process and understanding.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

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63 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You run such a fascinating blog as much as it is inspiring on an overview look out. A complete package that is bound for greater achievements. Looking forward to following through your journey. Cheers! – Cezane 🙂

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    • Thank you for the nomination. Is it okay, if I post a single post after couple of days containing multiple posts just like the ones in my Quotes section already ?

      Or if it has to be 3 days subsequently, I may comment on your blog posts instead 🙂

      I want to compress the content here on my blog for my readers.

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      • Bhanu, you can publish 3 quotes in a single post with 3 nominations or you can also pass on the challenge to the new bloggers as they have no such problems like yours. I nominate you as I like your thoughts.

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      • Yes, Sayanti. Appreciate you consider me to be eligible for such a wonderful award. I cannot take part as my per my recent contemplation. But I will add this in my Quote – Part 4 and add few people in the nomination. I know of few bloggers who are amazing close to Kafka and Rumi !

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  2. Hi, I’ve to say that I really enjoyed the owesome works you’ve posted on your blog !! Really great writing style !!
    I administer the blog – https://myrainbowhuedworld.wordpress.com/
    For my masters thesis, which I’m doing on blogging, as to why people blog; their motivations for blogging, I need bloggers to attend a survey. That’s how I came across this blog.

    It would be of great help for my research work, If you could submit your responses for the following questionnaire. Please click on the link below. You might be asked to sign in to your gmail account. Do participate in the survey. Also please forward it to bloggers you know.


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  3. Hello Bhanu, thanks for the follow and stopping by. I liked the reflection post very true 🙂 And cheers on the Software Engineer thing.. i wonder what are people like you Darshith and me doing in IT industry 😛
    Have a good day ahead :)!!!

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      • I am a wave
        You are a wave
        If you believe
        we have some
        then this wave
        would magnify
        and create a

        – Impact I have in my mind
        My best days would resonate to bring the best in you
        Your best days would resonate to bring the best in me
        Simply by walking together in this journey
        we might impact each other to the best in both of us, because similarities click and I prefer to create an impact that grows and resonates.

        Essentially nothing but just a companionship in this journey may be.

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      • wow mate! that was quite spontaneous of you..and I agree…let our good days resonate mutually..well, I am glad to have come across you..and yeah company is always better than one :).


  4. Hellow there, 🙂 I have nominated you to take the “Free Style Writing Challenge” I hope you will enjoy letting your free flowing thoughts fill your post while giving credit to yourself for being able to do it! Good Luck! Tag me back so that I get a chance to read it too 🙂


  5. Glad we’ve connected!! I’m a person lil like you, though, my share about life and people is lil different. Yet, loved your perspective too, and looking forward to know more about life and people from your perspective. Thank you so much for liking my work and giving me your share 🙂

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