Measure of Love ?

The simplest measure of your love is when you are angry – do you hit her ?

So come on
You haven’t yet come to a state of complete love

The measure of your love lies in that small step you take to make sure she never gets hurt.

Your love lies in that little gestures to make her feel special

Not because you read in some – 10 ways to make her feel better or
how to improve your love life

She is
And she will always be

To have chosen you
Over the 50 crore other possibilities !



Love Enriches !

When you are in Love
Everything in life
Becomes least significant
And nothing can empower you more than that
And in love
You find your purpose of life
You find the chastity

Love may look like or make you feel its physically connected

But when you experience true love

You know that body is just an embodiment of organs and parts

Love enriches them all !


Love completes you

Love is not subjective as it is projected in modern life.
Love is not complicated as seen in Facebook status.
Because it is not a status
It is a feeling underneath
Your chest
Which helps you to realise
That the body you wown
The lungs that purify your blood
The heart that pumps the blood
Become meaningful
When you find your love
The Love pumps oxygen into your life
The Love purifies your journey of life
The Love completes you.