What is love – after visit to Taj Mahal

Love is an experience.
Love is a feeling.
Love is monumental.
Love is mesmerising.
Love is uplifting.
Love is beyond time.
Love is beyond life.
Love is eternal.
Love transforms.
Love is in the heart.
Love signifies.
Love is significant.
Love is pure.
Love is divine.


Love completes you

Love Enriches !

Measure of Love ?

Timeless Love

You once said
“I don’t have peace. I have been going crazy thinking a lot in the last six months. Life is shit!”

It’s not just you, I was equally in pain and worry. I haven’t slept peacefully in the last one year and haven’t had time for myself.
With you
I forget the world
I forget myself
For me
All that remains
Is how you are
And what you feel
I loose meaning to what happens around me
Now the inner soul is breaking bit by bit.
Time fades away everything and I don’t want that time to come.
Everytime you said goodnight and went offline, I talked to you in my thoughts for an hour.
I cannot fall asleep.
I rewind what you said
What you felt
What you gone through
How can I make things better
How can I love you more
How can I make you happy
Where I can improve
Slowly bit by bit I am coming to a point where I can match up with you.
I am in a state Where I can’t speak
I can’t say things
I am not able to tell what I want or what I like
All I am waiting for us you
My job
My life
My room
My lifestyle
My friends
My habits
My dreams
Everything is on hold
Yet I am happy with you
I just want to let you know
That every day it mattered to me
Everytime you felt bad and I was at fault
I felt worse about myself
My eyes pain
My backpain
Nothing did stop me
For I know
You are precious
And I am willing to do everything
For you
Even if you said bad things to me I know inside you want to be with me and even though I wanted to I couldn’t because of time limits n distance
I don’t know what else I have to offer
In this love.

True Friendship – Blissful

Whether you are on top of hill or near a lakeside

Whether it’s morning or noon

Whether you are hungry or stomach full

Whether it’s highway or mudway

Whether you are on pillion seat or on driver seat

Whether you are tired or excited

Whether there bumps in the way or a smooth road

Whether you are fresh or dull

When you don’t have any good pics of the trip

When you don’t get to see any great place

When nothing of the above matters but you know you have had a good time

When you have someone who pushes you to take one more step

It’s blissful to have someone in your life with whom it doesn’t matter where you are, how you are, what you are doing – only the company matters.

To True Friendship