Diwali – No Pollution


Janmashtami – 2018 (Dahi Handi)

Photo blog about the Dahi Handi celebrations in Mumbai.

Human Tower
Dahi Handi
Dahi Handi celebrated at a street with political speeches and police protection
Crowd gathered on streets to get a glimpse of Human Tower
Human Tower Far View
Crowd on streets enjoying the musical and dance event
Beautiful Pond near the street reflecting the magical lights of City



When reality strikes you hard

Don’t live your life in illusion.

Wake up and look at the reality of Life.

Do not be consumed in false hopes.

Do not be consumed in a better tomorrow.

All that you have is in the now. If you can control and live your now, your next will be as you want it to be.

Live for yourself.

Love infinitely.

Travel and Travel.

Gift yourself with things you always wanted but never could because of this or that.

Eat delicacies.

Be a good human being.

Plant a tree.

Because when reality will strike you, all your illusions will vanish away. All you will be left with is yourself and your ability to rise up. If you can keep walking in the direction of your dreams with all your might and continue to believe in yourself, you will realize that happiness is indeed something can be worked upon. You will be  left with the true and unconditional love, if any.

Cheers to love, live and everything in it. 🙂