Are temples and monuments cover up of Religious expansions ?

“Parsva endures torments from evil God Kamath and is protected by serpent god Dharnendra and his consort Padmavati devi.” – Folio 60 from Kalpasutra series, loose leaf manuscript, Patan, Gujarat. c. 1472

Read the above line and you may do some search. You will find image of Kalpasutra the book of Jainism. Comparing the above statement to the story of Venkateshwara and drawing a analogy !

So Parsva i.e. Parsvanath — Venkateshwara
God Kamath — Kuber or his sibling
Serpent — Serpent Shesh Nag always with Vishnu and even with Venkateshwara there are many snakes in Tirupati hill and the main hiding place was actually an ant hill.
Padmavati Devi — Padmavati Devi

Now the entire research started about this topic gave rise to my insecurities, curiousness, analysis.

Certain speculations I have until now :

There isn’t any manuscript about Venkateshwara, it has been always a folklore in Dravidian civilisation. I once saw a BBC show where even now in some of the village in Kannada they do hymns without anyone actually knowing the meaning or language. It is basically musical notes. So that can be possible that no one documented stuff back then. For discussion sake if we assume, no documentation was there n only folklore which then converted to stories. Later in 11 century or something the temple was built on Tirupati-Tirumala hills and the impact is very profound when you go to that location. Definitely something is true if not everything.

Now Kalpasutra is documented and hence gets more weight. But for the sake of singular truth and how we know invasions and kingdoms work, we don’t want to rule out any possibility and options merely on the base of no documents.

This brings back to the question –

Is Tirupati Balaji a cover up of Hindu Brahmins ?

Was it originally a Jain idol like Parsavanath ?

Is there any possibility for that ?

Or Is it all on the wrong path ? Asking this question is it valid ? Since India has always been merging all beliefs, locations, practices, food, culture and evidently we may find traces of all cultures in every historic location and questioning the originality of the place is merely silly ?

Like Taj Mahal could be a Hindu Shiva temple ? – Google it
Some Jain scholar tries to prove – Tirupati is a coverup of Brahmins

As I continue my pursuit towards knowing the truth, I would like to know your views !