Every body lives by a Logic, the question is if it is Valid

Is your logic that you live by a valid one ?

Whether it is about the little things in daily life or the biggest steps we take in life, we live by a motto or by a logic ! But did you ever question if that is correct.

  • getting choosing a college or getting a job
  • Living in a city or out of country
  • Falling in love or breaking up with someone
  • Choosing your food preferences or denying something to eat
  • Finding a life partner or applying for a divorce
  • buying a home or buying a car

You can also apply this about all the things you read about on web and the news you see. Here is a sample !

imageThis is a post on Arms License being denied based on religious discrimination in UP. Do you feel think if the logic is valid ?

Here is how the reasoning should be  !

Irrelevant of the number of Muslims in a locality, the above logic is not valid to determine if there was any discrimination. The question to be asked is ≈Q1≈ how many applications were made in a year, from various religions & how many were sanctioned ?

≈Q2≈ What was the percentage (%) of rejection across religions, if at all that person feels there was any discrimination. Then based on the difference in percentage of rejection, the next question that needs to be asked is ≈Q3≈ Out of all the rejections in a year, what are the various reasons for rejection and how many rejections are made for each kind ?

Based on that the next logical question and the determining factor is ≈Q4≈ out of the difference in percentage of rejection are there rejections based on same criteria which led to rejection in a certain group higher than other. After sorting those, you would need to improvise the percentage of distinct rejections based on the number of applications done.

If you still find feel there is something fishy, you would need to see is ≈Q5≈ if there is any exclusive rejection applied to a certain group that has not been applied to the other one.

You see I can go on like this, but now I hope you understand what I am trying to project here. There is some statement and there is a logic, but it is not validated.

Don’t get carried away by the statements, statistics and news brought forward to you by media or social media. Before you forward any news or links, think if you consider that to be truth. What is the authenticity of the proclamation and whatever the logic is applied, if it is valid. Ask some questions.


Sorry India | I gave bribe

Sorry Sorry very much India, that I was a part of Bribe today. I tried my best to not give bribe nor let anyone give, but I just failed today. They say change starts from self and family. I believe that the roots of corruption is in our thought process and hence I changed my self and my thought process. I now believe that ‘Corruption is present if only I let it’. I wanted to instigate the same in my family because if a family changes a neighborhood changes, then a city and eventually entire country. But alas may be I did not do enough. I am sorry for falling short of my efforts.
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Justified Buying and Stealing

One of my friend was talking about how my other friend lost his mobile during a travel in Mumbai local. It was quite expensive phone, so it broke his heart and he went into sadness cycle. We felt sad about it. Complaint filed with police and search is on. We know there would be no results.

My Friend : “They (police) are aware of thieves. They get their commission and they stay silent. This happens everywhere. That’s how things are.” He was feeling very sad and disappointed about it.

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