Choosing the right career – Step 3

After going through Step 1 and Step 2, I hope you have got some clarity on your thoughts regarding making a choice of your career. Before I proceed with the next step of thoughts and actions on choosing the right career for you, I would like to share a story with you today, so you realize how important it is to know what you like and what you can do the best.Read More »

Choosing the right career – Step 2

Once you have narrowed down your career options to 2-3 choices, based on interests and your skill sets, you are now good to go to the next step. Click here to know how to find out which profession might suit you.

Now it is time to know what those professions are in-depth. Go visit lot of educational portals, newspaper education columns, blogs and forums. Try to search only for those professions which you have found, appropriate to your interests. Read More »

Choosing the right career – Step 1

It has been long pending quest for almost all the students and kids to know which career to choose when they complete a particular stage of education, say for high school, higher school, graduate, masters or doctorate. I wonder why would any one have a career guidance requirement at masters and doctorate ;). Well in the end, it may seem to be a life long quest if you do not choose the right career in the early stages.

Before I begin to suggest an approach to identify and choose the right career, let me tell you one thing. Your attention must be on choosing what is right and good for you. Even if it is only for you. Do not choose something just because the world is following. It is o-tay to make some mistake after all, it is an iterative decision making process. You just have to ensure you kick back soon and land into the right place. Have patience, be ready to try new things and be focused.

Good ! Let’s Begin !

Clear off your believes and suggestions from random and known people. Get your head clear now. If you are making your first choice or a second one. Whatever you have been told all this while by all the experts, seniors, well wishers, relatives and so on, is least important for you for this one moment. Just keep it in your bag for a while. Let your head be free, so you can think clear. This will let you talk to yourself, without any noise. You must get a strong ground first and then you can go for suggestions. So now, think about what you like, what is that something that comes to you naturally. What is that you are good at, it does not matter even if someone else is not doing it.

Make a check list of all the things you like and also a list of things you do not like much. Yes, things you do not like much as well. This will help you narrow down, things you do not want to do, may be. This checklist should contain things like subjects, aspects, hobbies, qualities. Just write random words, that hit your head. Take an example what hits you something like this math, geography, analysis, reasoning, helping, humanity, photography, sincerity, patriotism.

Anything that seems significant to you, something that is driven from the inside. Write them bold and big as per the intensity that you feel. Similarly keep writing things you don’t like on a separate sheet with dark red pen, something of that sort. Take an example of something that hits you may be like this ‘math’, history, office work, politics, working under someone or something. I do not want to give you an edge on what you shouldn’t like. It is purely your choice. So just listen to yourself. Try to focus.

Once you prepare the sheet with all the content. May be take a day or two to prepare it. Now try to group those likes and dislikes into circles. Things which can be grouped on the basis of profession or passion. Something that can lead to a particular profession. Now try to align your interest towards a particular long term profession and map it.

So if you have interests like ‘outspoken, brave, seeing the world, helping people’ you may very well choose profession like ‘Media Journalism or Hospitality’. Now once you have similar long term goal or profession in mind. May be you would not be able to narrow down it to a single profession. Well here is the good part, you have now a list of things you can become. So write down those professions in bold and capital letters.

You are done with Step 1 my friend 🙂

Leave a message below if you have any doubts or thoughts. I would be happy to answer them.

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