Lie or No Lie

I don’t want to a lie. It’s not the right time. So many things going on.

People are just jeopardizing on my mind.

Often, I just listen to my heart. How long it will take me to do this time.

I don’t want to lie to my Dad. I just messed up by sending him a screenshot of a chat, which contained a pic of me, my brother and my boyfriend.

My brother says it is not the right time.

My friend says she won’t go to my home.

And I don’t know what to do!

I am just waiting for my inner voice to guide me.

Laughing Girl

Can you buy happiness with money ? Is it true !

If you go to restaurants to have food with your family or friends and you enjoy,laugh and be happy.

You bought happiness with money ?


You are happy for a while but when u go back home nothing essentially changes You have kids who go to school. Your husband who needs to go to work. Your in-laws who say mean things to you. The cold n cough doesn’t go. The pain in knees doesn’t go. The anger on your nose doesn’t go. The bills you have to pay doesn’t get paid. The irritating boss is still the same. So everything is the way it was and all the problems in life still lie there. So what was it that u did in restaurant.

You tried to pause time and space to seek out the happiness you deserve ?

– Was it happiness ?
– Was it fake ?
– Was it delusion ?
– Was it self appreciation ?
– Was it a escape point ?
– Does it have secret for a greater good ?

What is the objective of being happy by spending a lot of your money when there is no change in your life ! Or is there some that is not visible to the naked eye ?


Mother’s Day


Dear Mom,

Today on this Special Day, I like to say thank you for all the things you have done for me and family. I know you would say other wise, a thank you is not required, but I would say. It is a way which we can let you know I love you more than anything in this world. You are my idol, my well wisher and my guide.

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