He moved on ! Why she can’t ?

He was in love with a girl during college. She used to be in constant contact with him but she never expressed her deepest emotions for him. She always feared her family. During the final year of college, he confessed his feelings for her and asked her what she felt and what she wanted. She told him that her elder sister had once experience similar kind of love and at that time her parents didn’t agree. Her sister had to go through lot of trouble and fights. She didn’t want to repeat it. She told him it would never work.

He was sad. It was the worst phase of his life. After college he was working in a job that kept him occupied for most of time. He was broken at heart. He couldn’t forget her. He took to literature and arts. He started reading a lot of books and novels. He started blogging and interacting with lot of new people. He was enjoying the drift in his life and everything seemed to be in good shape.

Meanwhile the girl lost her father, who was suffering from cancer and she was going through tough times. He met her at the funeral and took part in all the ceremonies. He was a moral support to her.

Few months after the incident, she spoke to her mother about him and that she liked him since college. Her mother considered him to be a good guy and she gave her permission if they both were going on well.

He was working in a different city now. He did not have any more romantic feelings for her. He cared for and wished good for her but deep down in his heart he knew he didn’t have any feelings for her. He told her about it, however she wanted to be with him as long as it can be. They were in touch over calls and chat. They met once in a while.

He wanted her to forget him and continue to move on in her life and let him continue to be the way he was. There was no place for her in his Heart as a love partner.

He had one question for her !

Why can’t she move on?

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Two Love Stories – Entangled Hearts


Story 1 :

This is a story of a Cinderella like girl, who is charming and graceful. It is her birthday and on occasion of her birthday I would like to share with you how some people manage to make their love a success. I will describe certain, physical attributes and demographics just so you get the gist of the story and by that I am not trying to convey any of the matter is a subject of consideration in any of the choices you make.

She is fair, medium height and a geeky girl. She likes to code and she works passionately. She gets angry over managers and gets a red nose. She belongs to a family that has very rigid and orthodox thoughts about life, people, food and locality. Her food choices include vegetarian food. She feel in love with a fellow colleague, with whom she has been working with for 2 years or more. She informed her parents about her love and they got furious over her. They argued with her saying they cannot accept her love, because he was from different state and he looked dark. For few days it was moments of despair in her life.

But she took as a project. Within few months of persuasion and discussions her parents have come to an agreement. They haven’t yet discussed any thing about marriage, but she is cool with the way things are. Today on occasion of her birthday she is going for a dinner at the boyfriends house. His parents are happy with their sons choice and they like her. More of the story later in the week 🙂


Story 2 :

He is a geeky coder. He is from the Northern part of the country and he is very fluffy. He looks like the fat guy from the movies – Wolf of Wall Street, Steve Jobs and others. He has got a good earning and passionate job. He is inline to become the CTO of his company. He has been in love with a girl since college time. He used to play guitar and was a member of many clubs during college, including a band. He is a very happening and cheerful guy. He is the mama’s boy as well.

So when he went home to tell his parents about his love and the idea of marrying her sometime next year. They brought up the similar arguments any person trying to reject. They said she is slim and short ! (*Really ? Now you guys might wonder how she looks. For just an information, she looks awesomely beautiful and would get a prize in any beauty contest. She is very graceful and her eyes speaks a lot about her. For Gen Y, she is hot! )

Now that he is struggling to convince them and make them understand what she means to him. Let us see what comes next in this story. (This is the same guy, who the Mr. Unlucky tries to share his experience.)


The stories are all flowing in the same direction. Someone is having a smooth time, while the others having a very hard time. We are what our thoughts are and what we can perceive inside of us. If our love is genuine and if we are true to ourselves, there is no stopping in the world from getting together. If you know for sure, who you are and what you want, if you know that your partner is the one, for whom you can do whatever it takes, then you must and there is only once in a while you feel so confident, strong and determined.

♥♥Let Love Guide You Till The End Of Time. To the Love. ♥♥

Can love happen twice ?

Picture Courtesy - Manan Gadhiya
Picture Courtesy – Manan Gadhiya

This one is for the most charming lady in my life, who means to me more than anything else. She just happened to ask me, about love. I quote her words “Some people are like, they love one person for long time, then when it breaks, they find another one and within short time, they feel that it is their great love. If they are clear regarding it or just satisfying themselves”. It seems very interesting to me and I am sure a lot of people might have gone through this dilemma or thought once in a while about themselves, their friends or someone in neighborhood, falling in love second time.

Love is a feeling that keeps you attached with someone and you care for that person, romantically involve with that person and you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Love is an incredible feeling, capable of moving through space and time (read Interstellar here). Love is just a feeling after all. And feelings are inside your head. You can fool yourself and your brain will fool you as well. There is some conscious fooling and there is a lot of subconscious fooling happening inside of your head every single moment.

Consciously you keep saying to yourself, like this is going to be a great day, it tastes wonderful, this is my love, this is a great job, I am doing great, I will be fine and so on. This constant talk with self, when things are not so great, is something you consciously fool yourself. Sub-consciously or unconsciously your brain is fooling every time, mind you, it fools you every single time. Whatever blue, green, red you see might not be so. All is what your brain wants you to believe. Alright so now that it is clear that how everything is at time unsubstantial and surreal.

So back to the dilemma. You have been loving a person for a very long time and somehow you do not happen to be with that person, then you find someone else and you feel this is your love of life and forever. A thing that has to be very very clearly understood, that this is no universal law of motion. It is more of quantum physics. This is mere an explanation and there is possibility for an exception and variance. When someone says they have been in love with a person for very long time, it totally depends on what and how they pursue the definition and feeling of love. OK, they might be in the dilemma in the very first instance itself. In their understanding for what is love. Second it would definitely depend on the reason why they are not together anymore. Was it your decision, was it your partners, was it a mutual decision or it was never decided but it just happened. This matters a lot, since this gives a space and reason for how love will be pursued and sought out in the next encounter.

Just an example, I am a girl, I live in a metro city, I have been in love with my boyfriend since college and when job happened, we couldn’t be together anymore. We tried to continue the relationship for an year or so, but it was getting down on me very hard and he used to curse me all the time. We broke up. May be I broke up. I found a new guy at my job, who was considerate, sweet, understanding, matured and very smart. Things happened and we were in love in a year. Life has never been better, in all this years. We are together for the last 3 years and we will be married soon. This is the love of my life and I am glad. History I do not even remember my ex-boyfriend.

So this is one could often say about what they think about their love. Love is a belief in your heart oops in your head. Well, biologically my charming lady, it might be possible that the brain is fooling. You see, survival instincts and growth, made us develop this way. To believe in something that is necessary for our long living. So if they believe they are having the love of their life and if they are true to themselves at every moment of the day, night and in sleep, then it is true, else it is not. So for me to say if that is possible, well hell yeah, mathematically even if the possibility is very very less, we would still say it is possible. Biologically, we will have to screen them through ECG and what not. So for the best of everyone’s interest, believe what they say and support them. For if you happen to be in that situation, believe in your love and do what makes you happy.

Long post cut short, quoting Titanic “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets“. To completely and clearly describe every possibility I might need a book, after all quantum theories cannot be explained within a post.