He moved on ! Why she can’t ?

He was in love with a girl during college. She used to be in constant contact with him but she never expressed her deepest emotions for him. She always feared her family. During the final year of college, he confessed his feelings for her and asked her what she felt and what she wanted. She told him that her elder sister had once experience similar kind of love and at that time her parents didn’t agree. Her sister had to go through lot of trouble and fights. She didn’t want to repeat it. She told him it would never work.

He was sad. It was the worst phase of his life. After college he was working in a job that kept him occupied for most of time. He was broken at heart. He couldn’t forget her. He took to literature and arts. He started reading a lot of books and novels. He started blogging and interacting with lot of new people. He was enjoying the drift in his life and everything seemed to be in good shape.

Meanwhile the girl lost her father, who was suffering from cancer and she was going through tough times. He met her at the funeral and took part in all the ceremonies. He was a moral support to her.

Few months after the incident, she spoke to her mother about him and that she liked him since college. Her mother considered him to be a good guy and she gave her permission if they both were going on well.

He was working in a different city now. He did not have any more romantic feelings for her. He cared for and wished good for her but deep down in his heart he knew he didn’t have any feelings for her. He told her about it, however she wanted to be with him as long as it can be. They were in touch over calls and chat. They met once in a while.

He wanted her to forget him and continue to move on in her life and let him continue to be the way he was. There was no place for her in his Heart as a love partner.

He had one question for her !

Why can’t she move on?

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One question to you – My Lost Love !


One day if you see me across the street you are walking, while it is raining and you see me standing near the traffic signal, with no umbrella or rain coat but just a file to cover my head. And it so happened that I was not aware of the dynamics of the weather in this new town, I stand there under the pour for the signal to turn green. When you see me there, after 3 years since we last spoke, will you be able to identify me?

If you remember me and if you know it’s me, will you walk down to me and try to have a talk?

While you have a cup of coffee with your colleagues, will you wonder if it was me or just your illusion!

There are some things I mustn’t ask and think about but why is that everytime I see you, chill wave runs down my spine.

Are you my weakness or strength in disguise!

Are you my pain or blessing while I drain?

Will you, let go of all those times, when you were hurt and when you know of how much I suffered since then, continue from where it all stopped?

Can you stop being an adult and be the same old girl who thought she found her soulmate?

If there was nothing you needed to hide from me and if we were free to be with our uniqueness, why shouldn’t have that been a long lasting experience!

I know, something’s are not in my control. But I will make an attempt, until I know that it is meant to be the way it is.

For as long as my heart beats and I feel the vibe thinking about you, I will continue to believe you are the O.N.E.

To Love.

Why we broke up ? And how much I love you

Why we broke up! And how much I love you!


Because I was dumb.

Because you were hurt.

Because you were passionate.

Because you wanted to shine bright and you consider me to be a hurdle.

Because you were looking for a reason to separate and you found a perfect one, the mistake I made!

When you said that you would never find someone like me, did you really mean that?

And if that was true, why cannot you talk to me. Why do you hate me so much?

If your past has compelled you to stop believing in people. If your experiences has shaped you to live on your own. If the distance between us has given you a reason to be strong. Then so be it.

You found something different about me and may be I screwed up.

But there is nothing changing from my end. It is all still the same.

Affection never vanishes.

You just acquire new bitterness. I learnt to wash away any bitterness in my life. I wish if you made an attempt.

When the time was right, we just happened. When we happened, I flawed. When I flawed, you flew. You flew far away where I cannot reach you.

But if something is destined to happen, then it will happen, however the odds are.

I am not clear about my emotions.

Neither am I sure, if I can feel the same again in the same way.

If my feelings are persitent over time, I will come looking for you, where ever you are in whichever corner of the Earth. Until then I only wish you don’t get entangled.

For Love!