Blogging is a lifestyle | 7 years anniversary

Yay !

It’s been 7 years now, since I first started blogging. It has been humbling experience and changed the way I look at life. I have been able to narrate stories, share my observations and musings, write about culture, events and social stigmas. By choosing to blog, I have been able to think about various topics and express myself via my writing so other people can read and respond. It gave me an opportunity to connect to the world and also be able to hear new ideas and thoughts from people around the world.

It has made me organised, if I was already, then it has made me be able to go back to something in my idle time and write about it.

There are many subjects which often end up in my musings. The social stigmas, Culture, people, relationships and various other things that happen around us with people in general. I have been able to notice things and put them down in form of stories in my blog.

It has overall shaped my thinking about approaching things. Also I can go back to see what it was like few years back.

The users who end up on my blog from search engine has helped them in their quest from small things like booking a ticket to some more musings like if love can happen twice.

So to all the subscribers I have not been posting regularly, but that’s because of the situation life brings in. Thank you for reading my work and sharing your views on it.


Destiny or Karma !

Everything you plan for goes over a toss
Everything you re-plan for goes over a toss
Everything you make no plans for goes over a toss
So what are you supposed to do!

Are you true to yourself !

What is that one thing that you would never let change in you?

Are you the kind of person who is true to self. Is there something that makes you change yourself over the period of time, apart from the natural growth and metamorphosis!

There are times you take up some challenges or risks in life for the sake of the promise those events have in the near future. You know that there is a very good chance that things can collapse and fall down into debris, so much fast that you will not remember the existence of that monument. Yet, however somehow due to the human trait of being hopeful and being pulled towards the promising life, you take that endeavor.

What happens next is all on how you handle it and what life has left to show you!