How to update Aadhar Card Online – with Screenshots

Government of India issues Aadhar Card (Unique ID UID) to every Indian Citizen which can be used as Proof of Identity and Address Proof. It is similar to Social Security Number in US. Indian government plans to integrate all transactions and details into Aadhar Card for every citizen. This will enable better and smart governance. At the time of registration for Aadhar Card at various authorized centers there were many manual errors that showed up in the Aadhar Card issued. Government now provides online facility to update following details : Name, Address, Gender and Date of Birth. Applicable scanned copy of original documents must be uploaded online for verification.

Prerequisites :

Your mobile number must be registered in Aadhar card. This is done at the time of registration of Aadhar Card at the authorized center. You will receive a OTP to be entered in portal.

Steps :

  • Go to Aadhar website – Aadhar Update Link
  • Enter Aadhar ID and enter the text verification. Click on Send OTP.
  • You will receive a SMS on your mobile.
  • Enter the OTP and click on proceed.
  • Select the field to be updated.
  • Provide correct details.
  • Confirm the changes and click on proceed.
  • Select the document type and upload the scanned copy of original document
  • Click on submit. Click on yes for the confirmation dialog.
  • Select the BPO service to process this request.
  • Click on submit. URN number will be generated.
  • You can use this number to track the progress of the request.

For more instructions and valid documents for proof click here.

Enter your Aadhar number and the text verification. Click on Send OTP.


Enter OTP received on your registered mobile number


Select the field you want to update or correct. Here I chose Address.


Enter your address details. It will auto translate to local language.


Check details. Click on confirm and proceed.


Choose the document you have scanned copy of and browse the location on PC.


Once uploaded as per the supported formats the file will be seen as above.


You will get a prompt for confirmation if you have uploaded the correct document.


You may get a flash error as above. Click on activate flash.


Select BPO Service Provider for processing the request.


Note down the URN number and you will get a SMS providing URN number as well.

Happy Documentation.

How to customize fonts in posts on WordPress Free

If you have a free blog on WordPress and you are very keen to make your blog attractive based on the looks, you might stumble upon a need to customize the fonts on your post, depending on the type of post you have. A lot of poets would want to be able to convey the message deeply with the use of fancy fonts. So how to do you customize fonts in your posts on WordPress free ?

Here is the step by step guide :

First of all compose your post in the editor and once you are done, choose the family of font you want the post to be available in. You may identify the family by using some Word Processing Software like MS Word or any other editor. Then you come to the editor in Word Press. If you notice, on the top of the editor, you have two modes you can write your post. One is Visual and Another is HTML.


Here is a sample post with default fonts before going to HTML mode.


Go to HTML mode. Add tag as follow. <span style=”font-family: ‘Gigi’;”>


Now go to Visual mode and see the magic. Save and Publish your post.


You may use the font family of your choice and enjoy the look and feel of the content. You may change it on every line or on paragraph, depending on your requirement.So what are you waiting for, go try the trick and let me know it goes. Share the link of your post, where you use the trick.


Medical searches on Google Now

We all know that Google does amazing work by doing those little things that make a difference. Google Search is among the most used applications/apps by Google and every time there is something new about it. Today I will talk about Medical searches on Google Search & Google Now and how they are making a difference. Google Health Cards are going to revolutionize the health industry in a way that has never been done.

We all know how prominent and user friendly Google Search is. If you type a question about some facts (e.g. Height of Mount Everest ) in Google Search, you can expect a direct answer to it. Then there are direct results regarding the scores, celebrities, movies and so on. You don’t have to go to any other page to get those connected details. You can browse on the Google Search, Google Instant, Google Now and Google Chrome enjoy the time spreading your knowledge.

Similarly Google has started a initiative about Medical searches on Google Search engine. When you type a medical term in the search bar, you will see a health information neatly arranged in two/three parts. You have the option to download as well.

I think this is a great feature for it serves humanity and it is very user-friendly. It loads quickly and you don’t have to go search a lot. Just type in the word and you get all the details neatly arranged. They have tie-up with various hospitals and all the information out there on the medical world, I think this is going to expand to a very huge feature pretty soon. You can read more about it here. Medical searches on Google.

If you have Google Now, you can just ask a question directly or speak the medical term and the results will be read out to you. On android devices you will have the best experience of this.

It brings me back to think about the FLU Trends, that started with Google Search.

I was going through the Google Flu trends and I was shocked to see that Google Flu Trends is no longer publishing current estimates, however the historic estimates are still available for download. Google estimated the flu trend in the initial days of its search engine and it could predict the onset of flu, based on the search trends. Eventually it went over toss though and in the last 3 years they have not been able to predict it very well. Eventually they decided to stop publishing the current estimates based on search patterns.  Read here what Google Flu Trend team has to say.

I think Medical searches is now a come back from Google, instead. Whatever the reasons are and what will be the results of this feature in the near future, I will always be loving Google for the amazing work they do for Humanity !