Diwali – No Pollution



Often the magic in life happens in places where you are least expecting and in ways you could have never thought of !

But the magic is something you couldn’t think of !
It may not be so beautiful as Sai Pallavi but her presence will definitely make your life beautiful

Because you will never know what you are seeking, until you come face to face. You may dream of things in a filmy way, but when her touch will mesmerize you and her talk will ring in your ears, you will know that you have been running behind something unnecessary while the whole time someone else was made for you !

You never know the next moment how things will be

Be Open for life to make you beautiful

Give your life a chance to make you happy !


No one wants to essentially change
Make a difference
They want different output

But they don’t want to put in something

We see our life in videos movies books and clap. Feel happy about it.

When you cease to be the weak person within
And gain the insight
To stand up for what you believe
And know who you are.
The reality however will often throw different things at you.
It’s on you
How you gather yourself and walk again.

Everyone is entangled within their own loops and fears
No one can stand up to self belief
And openness
Everyone wants

Nice home
Nice husband
Good family
All utilities
No one is ready to build self
Or do what’s necessary to become that